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63645 Scenic Drive, Bend, Oregon | Live Streamed Sundays @ 10:00am
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Sunday Services

We invite you to experience our 10:00am Sunday Celebration Service, offering music, meditation and prayers along with inspiring and thought provoking lessons to refresh and uplift your soul. 

During the Great COVID-19 Pause, services are held exclusively online through live streaming.  Past services can be watched online here, usually within 24 hours of their completion

About Us

We are a vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, multi-generational community, embodying love and awakening spiritual consciousness.

Our vision for Unity is a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.

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Recent Videos To Uplift the Soul

Creating a New World (video)

From the Season of Creative Possibility series. This full live service, hosted by special guest Rev. Jim Pasmore, explores creating a new world. As we find ourselves in a world that is so rapidly changing around us, whether we like it or not, why not seek for it to...

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Interested in checking Unity out in person?  The best and easiest way is to drop in on one of our live services.

Have Kids?

As a community, we are committed to serving youth and their parents, by offering a safe, loving, empowering environment in which children may learn, understand and celebrate Unity principles..  

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In person, on the phone, over the internet, or through social media, Unity has an abundance of connectivity options for you!

Events Calendar

Unity Community of Central Oregon is blessed to have an abundance of live events, services, classes and our favorite, gatherings just for fun.  What new things do you want to bring into your life?  It’s all starts with joining in!


Our Mission & Vision

We are a vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, multi-generational community, embodying love and awakening spiritual consciousness.

Located in Central Oregon, we are a growing spiritual community of like-minded yet eclectic and unique individuals that come together in love, joy and spiritual growth. If you are looking for a spiritual home that leaves out the dogma and judgement of childhood religion and instead focuses on personal growth and connection to others, this may be what you’ve been yearning for.

Latest Message

Creating a New World

August 2, 2020: Lead by Rev. Jane Hiatt (full live service)

In this full live service, Rev. Jane Hiatt explores the plethora of troubles our world faces today. What if the problems we face are actually things that we need to wrestle with as part of our mystical journey on this plane? Can we do it without making the present moment and enemy? Or can we find a way to make friends with the present moment and find the angel wisdom that waits for us within our challenges?

Season of Creative Possibility

At Unity we believe that we are one with All That Is, the creative force that is always in operation. No matter how stalled or curtailed we may feel in our present circumstances, there is always an unlimited sky of possibilities. Our task is to believe that and align our consciousness and then start creating! This summer we will be focusing on coming into resonance with our own creative spiritual essence.

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Soul Recovery

July 18, 2020 6-9pm
Unity Community of Central Oregon

Unity is blessed to host guest speaker Ester Nicholson for a discussion of her book Soul Recovery, 12 Keys to Healing Dependence.  This is a ticketed event.


Spiritual Education and Enrichment Week

Sept 14, 2020 to Sept 18, 2020
Unity Community of Central Oregon

S.E.E. Week returns with another group of amazing Unity teachers presenting a variety of Unity classes.  Come for enrichment or come for enjoyment.  All are welcome.


don Jose Ruiz & Miguel Ruiz Jr

Apr 23-243, 2021
Unity Community of Central Oregon

After receiving a standing ovation to a sold out One World Center, don Jose Ruiz returns to Unity, this time with his brother Miguel Ruiz Jr.  Oct 2 features a 2 hour talk from 6-8pm, and Oct 3 features a workshop with the Ruiz brothers.  It is sure to be another sold out event that you won’t want to miss!  These are ticketed events.



We Gather Every Sunday Morning


Until further notice, our Meditation Service is on Hiatus and our Celebration Service is live-streamed only.  In the coming weeks, as we go through the quarantine release phases, Unity will welcome select small groups to return to One World Center on a case by case basis.  Stay tuned to this site for more information as it becomes available.

Meditation Service
8:30 – 9:15 

Celebration Service
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Sunday Services

Come experience our 10am Sunday Celebration Service, with meditation & accompanying music to refresh and uplift your soul.

We Gather At

63645 Scenic Drive
Bend, OR 97701

(please do not mail to this location)

Youth & Family Ministry

Celebration service offers a safe, loving and empowering environment in which children may learn, understand and celebrate Unity principles.

Unity Blog

Recent Writings Uplift the Soul

Behold this Box

Behold this Box

By Charlotte Oakes Behold this BoxIt is a remarkable Box: It holds everything while nothing at the same timeIt is circular and has no corners for things to get stuck inIt is a small Box but there is no limit as to what it can hold or how it will growIt is sturdy...

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The Greater Good

The Greater Good

One of the ancient maxims about life is for us to “know thyself”.  Another was “as above, so below”.  The truth we see at any level of reality also applies to other levels. What can ourselves at the physical teach us about life at the planetary level? A popular...

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Multi-generational Face Time

Multi-generational Face Time

The hardest part for me about the Corona Virus pandemic is being separated from my grandson Nolan. For over 6 years he’s been spending time every week with me and I miss him desperately. I have only two consolations in this. It leaves me time to be ridiculously...

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