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"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” — John Maxwell
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Our board is comprised of dedicated Unity members with a passion for helping our community thrive and grow. Are you interested in being a future board member? We’d love to consider you! Click here to connect and let us know.

Board of Directors President

Leia Napoli

Originally from Montana, Leia has lived in Bend for over 20 years. Leia attended Unity in the mid 2000’s with Reverend Terry, and then took a break for several years. Leia was active in the bellydance community during this time and served in various positions on the board for the High Desert Bellydance Guild: Secretary, Co-Chair, Communications/Newsletter, Membership, and Events Coordinator.

Leia has studied the communication principles taught in Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training, which incorporates I-messages, problem ownership, and no-lose solutions. Leia has been attending Unity regularly since 2018 and became a member in 2019.

Board of Directors Treasurer

Susan Warnick

Susan graduated from UCSD in San Diego with a degree in Management Science and continued her graduate studies at USD receiving her MBA with an emphasis Finance.  In 1989, she and her husband Greg started a business in window replacement where she served as CEO.  In 1995, Greg left and went on to pursue other business opportunities.

Over the next 10 years Susan grew the business to four branches in California and Oregon with 220 employees.  In 2001, her business received an award from the National Better Business Bureau for strong business ethics, commitment to their communities and to employees. Home Depot acquired the company in 2005.

Subsequently Susan has founded and operated several smaller companies and has raised two sons, now 25 and 28.  In her free time, she enjoys running, mountain biking, surfing and yoga. Susan also enjoys volunteering and fundraising for various organizations, including Mother Miracle School in India, and serving on the board of Unity.

Board of Directors Member

Rev. Jane Hiatt

Reverend Jane Hiatt

Jane Hiatt, as the senior minister, has an automatic position on the board. Besides the experience of being immersed in overseeing the spiritual guidance and operations of Unity Community, Rev. Jane brings the experience of having been an influential president of Connect W, a women’s’ networking organization, for two years. Under her leadership, the organization made a turn towards the importance of connection and saw a significant growth in membership. She has also served as Programs Director, Membership Director and Board Development Director for Connect W. Rev.

Jane has a history of leadership in organizations she has belonged to. She held several offices over her ten years in Toastmasters and was the president and program director for a Mom’s Group.

She has been a successful entrepreneur for 25 years with a private practice in counseling and hypnotherapy. She is also the author of two books, Magic Child and Love Letters from the Mother.

Rev. Jane has made Bend her home since 1992. She is married to Jeff Hiatt and between them they have three grown daughters, three grandchildren, and one more on the way.

She loves hiking, reading, going to plays, hosting dinner parties, wrapping fancy packages, playing with grandkids, and nurturing the growth of community.

Board of Directors Member

William Gregory

William Gregory is a human being, William is also an author of a collection of short stories and poetry entitled “Visions Dream Epiphanies”. William is a local to Central Oregon and has been the owner operator of Pristine Floor Care since 1991. William became involved with Unity in 2013 and is on the Ministry Path.

“I am a self actualized, sovereign Human Being.

Published Author, Visions Dreams and Epiphanies Pro’s for Posterity. Penn named, self named, Avatierre of the Juniper Forest.

I am a living breathing poet.

Father of 4. 3 boys and 1 girl.

I’m native born to Oregon.

I’m a dreamer, believer and I sincerely care about this life we all share.”

Board Member

Kevin Kubota

Kevin has been a Unity member since 2016 and serves in many capacities: Sunday speaker, Sunday host, prayer team leader, Spirit Groups coordinator, Audio Visual team lead, web development team, marketing team, maintenance team, IT manager, and an official taster of edible treats.

Kevin is a career photographer and photography educator, bringing 25+ years of business management and creativity to our community. He loves to lead travel adventure tours with his wife, Clare, and has an insatiable passion for adventure and the discovery of new, beautiful places. Sharing those discoveries with others makes it even better!

He is currently on the Unity Ministry track, studying to become a Unity Minister. 

Board of Directors Member

Genesis Ilada

Genesis was born and raised in the Philippines.  She graduated with a Business degree in International Hospitality Management in Lyceum of the Philippines University.  She then emigrated to the United States and supervised non-profit programs for LA County’s Greater Avenues for Independence and Access to Prevention Advocacy and Treatment.  She also ran her freelance artistry business and worked with some of the best artists globally.

Currently, she is living in Bend and founded  Bliss Chains LLC, a heart-based business that hosts wellness and art events.  She now serves as a Board Member of Light Path and Sanctuary of Earth.  She volunteers her time to After School Buddies every Wednesday.

Genesis, a poet, loves singing, painting, hiking, skiing, playing with her dog Missy and writing short stories.

Board of Directors Member

Elaine Cornick

Elaine is a native Oregonian and has lived in different parts of this state, finally moving to Central Oregon in 1999. She loves Oregon, especially east of the Cascades. 

Starting in 1975, her spiritual path has braided three strands together: Eastern (Vedic) traditions, Native American spirituality, and metaphysics. She has been a member of Unity Spiritual Community of Central Oregon since 2016.

At this time, her occupation is being a “cultural catalyst”, helping hospice the death of the old culture and midwife the birth of the new one. Four years ago she launched her Cultural Butterfly Project as one way to do that.

She is currently a member of an agricultural stakeholder group addressing drought issues in Jefferson County where she lives, helping steward the group process as well as bringing resources and possibilities that the others (farmers, ranchers, ag businesses, and agencies) don’t know about. She is also very occupied with regenerating the degraded ¼ acre of land where her home is by learning about building soil health and restoring the healthy water cycle holistically in harmony with nature’s principles.

Her previous work was doing counseling, coaching, mentoring, facilitating, program development, and sales/marketing. She recently completed a year-long consensus training learning to facilitate groups and communities to find new ground and reach 100% agreement. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Management.

She has an amazing grown son and two amazing grown grandkids. Being in  wilderness/“wild” areas feeds her soul.

Board of Directors Member

HelenLisle King

Helenlisle (pronounced Helen Lyle) King, is an explorer in this world and a deep lover of nature.

 She has been a Unity member since 2019. She was called to the board position to serve Unity Community in a different way and to learn.  She is owner of Expanding Wholeness in central Oregon.

Helenlisle has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and  has a Masters degree of Physical Therapy.

She has lived in Central Oregon since 2015, loves being in the outdoors, has two teenager step (bonus) sons, and  her family is very important to her.

Board of Directors Member

Sarah Jones

Sarah moved to Bend from San Diego in 2021 and became a Unity member in 2022. She is on the greeting team and the prayer team and is studying to become a Spiritual Companion through Unity’s two-year Spiritual Direction program. With a mid-life spiritual awakening 20 years ago, Sarah immersed herself in metaphysical and personal growth study, she became certified as a life coach, and she lived and worked for five years in an intentional spiritual community.

Sarah was in corporate administrative and human resource management for 20 years. She was active and on the board of the Women’s Political Caucus in Seattle for five years, serving as chair of several committees and as the Caucus president for one year.

Sarah was drawn to Bend’s beauty and outdoor activity, and to a smaller community after 20 years in San Diego. She loves hiking, floating the river, going to concerts and movies, deep conversations with friends, and her cat, Ziva.

Board of Directors

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