Note on dates and times: These will be determined by the group. There will be two sessions during the window of June 10-June 22.

Host: Dr. Cari Bourette

at Unity of Central Oregon

Our spiritual community is evolving and with that comes change.  Rev. Jane’s announcement of her intention to step back from being senior minister initiated the process of a rite of passage for us.  Some have experienced strong reactions to this, perhaps unexpectedly, or feel left with feelings of confusion.  

The process of change involves a journey through the wilderness of our fears and hidden beliefs.  This is true for individuals and true for a community.  The Board of Directors has made arrangements with Dr. Cari Bourette to facilitate a small group experience to assist us in bringing light into our process together.  If you are one who has the bandwidth and heart to embark on this journey with intention you will be doing yourself and the community a service.

The groups will consist of 5-7 people and will gather twice between June 10-22.  Dr. Cari will work out the times with you once the groups have formed.  Bring your feelings about the changes in our community along with an open heart and mind.  Be prepared to share the personal spaces that are being touched by this change in the community, knowing that we are in this together, and can support each other in our personal and collective healing… together.

Registration is required – donations gladly accepted. Please bring pen and paper.

About Dr. Cari Bourette

Dr. Cari Bourette has a Doctorate in Psychology.  She is a member of USCCO and is a ministerial candidate, nearly finished with coursework through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.  She has also recently been acknowledged by Unity Worldwide Ministries as a Spiritual Leader for her evolving ministry: Confluence IS, which specializes in supporting consciousness evolution such as what we are experiencing right here at USCCO.  Dr. Cari is an experienced spiritual counselor and led weekly women’s circles for a number of years.  Recently widowed, she has been braving her own wilderness, transforming her personal rite of passage into a ministerial life of service.

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