From the Season of Creative Possibility series.

This full live service, hosted by special guest Rev. Jim Pasmore, explores creating a new world. As we find ourselves in a world that is so rapidly changing around us, whether we like it or not, why not seek for it to change for the better, for the greater good? When we change things together, we can change the world.

“If you know that everything changes, there is nothing you will try to hold on to” – Verse 74 Tao Te Ching

Inspired during his preparation for this service, Jim also wrote this beautiful poem that shares this talk’s title:

Creating A New World
by Jim Pasmore

From the news it is clear, there is chaos and fear
For changes they blow in the wind

The life we have known, has been scattered and blown
yet we’re clinging to things as they’ve been
But from chaos comes change, all things rearrange

As creation gives birth to the new
For creators are we, and the proof we will see
As the things we affirm become true
So with Spirit as guide, all aboard for the ride
We’re flying for me and for you

As our focus attracts, we transform all the facts
And create something awesome and new
Join me my friend, let’s look ‘round the bend
To a vision of healing and peace
And together we’ll fly, in a pink marbled sky
And envision a love without cease
So journey with me, we’ll sail on the sea
And know we’ll all rise with the tide

We’ll stay in that high place, and that most sacred space

Till the world comes along for the ride

As usual, you’ll also be treated to amazing music by SolShine!


Presented by Rev. Jim Pasmore
Directed by Kevin Kubota and Nikko Kubota
Celebrations by Clare Kubota
Meditation and Prayer by Rev. Jim Pasmore
Music by SolShine: Dave Finch, Eric Troupe & Victor Johnson


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