As we honor our mothers, we often are tossed back on the reality that our mothers failed to meet our needs. Some were outrageously inept and others merely human but the takeaway is often that something is wrong with us, something is missing, or we are just unworthy. This takeaway sets up a lifetime of struggle. If we want to transcend that struggle, we are required to leap beyond the material plane where our human mothers nurture us only to the extent that they are able. The sensory plane is like gravity. It pulls us down and tells us this is what is. This is the truth and is unalterable, like heavy cement. We need to leap beyond that to the realm of the Great Mother, the energy of the Divine Feminine.

The Great Mother is not a goddess, not a supermom, but an energy. It is unconditional love. It is the mirror of all possibility reflected back to us. It is courage and protection. It is wisdom and joy. When we plug into this Source, we discover we are made of that. We do not need to be supported because we are not missing anything. We do not need to find love because we are love. We begin to relax into the peace of our essence and start radiating as the mother does, blessing our world as we do.

So this month, in honor of mothers everywhere, let’s let the human mothers off the hook. Celebrate them for whatever they were able to do, even if it was only to get us into this world–no small task! And then turn to the Great Mother to nourish us in all the ways we’ve been longing for

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