Organic Designs || Restorative Interior Environmental Design

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Organic Designs || Restorative Interior Environmental Design

Interior design with nature in mind.

At Organic Designs, we specialize in a range of services that blend the art of interior environmental and design with the healing power of nature. Our offerings include:

Atriums: Create captivating indoor atriums that serve as focal points in your home or workplace. Our atrium designs combine natural elements with architectural elegance, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors.

Built-In Planters: Transform your interior spaces with custom built-in planters, designed to seamlessly integrate greenery into your surroundings and keep it healthy for years to come with proper planning for light, water, and drainage.

Living Walls: Elevate your interior design to new heights with our living wall installations. These vertical gardens not only add a stunning visual dimension but also provide multiple benefits, including improved air purification and stress reduction.

Interior Planting: Our expertise in interior planting design ensures that every plant, every placement, and every element contributes to the overall harmony of your space. We tailor our designs to meet your specific preferences and wellness goals.

At the heart of our approach is the philosophy of Interior design with nature in mind. We believe that spaces should be more than just beautiful; they should enhance your well-being. Our evidence-based design principles draw from accredited research on interior plants and human health, ensuring that our projects are both aesthetically captivating and beneficial for your health.

With our expertise in Biophilic Design and Restorative Interior Environmental Design, as well as a background in health sciences, visual culture and human behavior, you can trust that our services are grounded in a holistic understanding of how your environment impacts your life.

Organic Designs is committed to crafting spaces that rejuvenate, inspire, and elevate your quality of life. We invite you to explore the transformative potential of interior design with nature as a central element. Discover how our services can enhance your living or working space, creating a sanctuary that nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

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