We’re in another pause–yet another pause inside the big two-year pause. Our cultural idea is that Jan. 1st is the time to “get moving” and “hit the ground running” after the pattern interruption and pause of the holidays.

That’s not what I’ve been feeling or reading or hearing this year. Instead, it has felt like a deepening, being still, going within, and being more quiet and reflective in a different way than the holidays are. Have you sensed that, too?

One way I see it is that Spirit, through the new Omicron variant, is helping (requiring?) us to slow down and be more inward when we probably wouldn’t do so on our own.

What if the purpose of this pandemic is to bring us into humility and deepening connection with Spirit? What if it’s a spiritual emergence, a transformation, for our Unity Community, as well as for us as individuals and the collective? 

What if it’s the Universe’s natural evolution into more Divine love, light, harmony, peace, and it’s an unstoppable force of the development of spiritual consciousness for Higher Good? That would be good news, right?

From what I’ve sensed and read about the larger collective and astrological energies now, January is a strong renewal energy, inviting each of us to get to the bottom of who we really are, so we can find our true power, stripped of ego. We are being asked to transform in ways we’ve never done before and to go all the way through. And this is about structural change. It’s not just some things that will change here and there, it’s about re-arranging everything at a systemic level.

So to me, it feels right that we have this pause as a time to “pull back”, go within to gather up all our energy and get fully connected and aligned with our real truth and power. It’s like being a baseball pitcher. 

You know how, when a pitcher is getting ready to pitch, he doesn’t just go to the mound, pull his arm back, and throw the ball? He does all kinds of “getting ready” things: scuffing around in the dirt, passing signals to his catcher, checking all the bases, spitting a few times, doing a fake throw or two just to see if people are paying attention. Then when he’s really ready to actually pitch the ball, he PULLS BACK. He brings his arm WAY back, and leans his body WAY back with one foot in the air, and basically gathers up all his energy to be totally aligned and in his power with what’s going to happen. Then (and not until then) he lets it fly. Right?

Since the Unity Community has postponed having in-person services until March 6th, what if we take this time to consciously be still and go inward as a community and gather up all our energy to be totally aligned and in our power, in order to emerge with a different consciousness? 

We could focus on developing, deepening, and practicing more “awakening spiritual consciousness”. It could mean letting go of our usual expectations about external expressions and experiencing deeper connection with ourselves and Source. As Jeffrey Davis says in Tracking Wonder: Reclaiming a Life of Meaning and Possibility in a World Obsessed with Productivity, “In . . . moments of wonder . . . you experience radical openness, the sort of receptivity that unravels your assumptions about what is possible.”

This could put us in tune with the natural energy rhythm, let us be quieter and not try to push the river, pay closer attention to Spirit, and be nourished by being more inward and still. We would go more slowly and see what’s in the inner, internal darkness. When we emerge, we could be clearer and more coherent.  

So that we don’t see this as “just waiting”, twiddling our thumbs with our arms folded, an important idea here is that Patience is not about waiting. It’s about LIFE FORCE: “Patience is about sitting with life source. (Love the egg you’re in). It’s fuel. It’s CREATIVE. It’s not about holding our breath or being in penance. It’s not even a pause button. It’s more like a tap we turn on to fill ourselves with Light. And from there… life unfolds.” 

In “Rough Initiations,” Francis Weller says, “When the safety of the familiar confronts the yearnings of the soul, it is time for initiation. It is a time of disruption and eruption as the demands of the soul make themselves known.” 

I see our collective and cultural disruptions and eruptions as being the safety of the familiar confronting the yearnings of the soul, and the demands of our individual and collective souls making themselves known. And I know that the demands of the soul don’t take “No” for an answer! 

So from my perspective it’s clearly time for more focused, intentional, deep soul work, individually and as a Unity Community. In my experience, doing that soul work is critical to birthing and creating new life in going through this journey.

It’s important to have an inspired intention or focus for this process, which is different than our mission. It might be something like we are using this as a “training ground” to learn how to really be effective, conscious co-creators with Spirit, becoming more humble, authentically powerful creators for the highest good and well-being of all.  

This focus might be something we co-create together as part of embarking on this soul journey. “Turas d’Anam” means ‘journey of your soul’ in the Irish language. Here’s a lovely poem that speaks to my vision for us in this journey:

Turas d’Anam

Often times

the step backward

lets the soul catch up.

So that all our happy

hindsights harmonise

and wisdom builds.

~ by Mícheál ‘Moley’ Ó Súilleabháin. , Dec 16, 2021 

With love and reverence for this amazing time,

Unity shares and listens to the opinions of others. This article is the opinion of the author:

Elaine Cornick
Cultural Catalyst at Cultural Butterfly Project | | Website | + other posts

I am a catalyst, mentor, and guide through the transformational process, leading people through the confusion of today's world and into the emerging culture, which I see as being about "right relationships" and harmonious abundance with all beings.

My work is inspiring new perspectives, seeing through illusions, re-framing perceptions, and reorienting our lives for more well-being to help make this transition as easily as possible.

I am an elder and a continuous life-long learner in the areas of personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation, offering clarity and empowerment for people who want to live from an authentic way of being with deeper meaning and purpose.

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