From the Season of Evolving Consciousness series.

In this full live broadcast, our very own Rev. Dick Wolgamott, who this week celebrated 84 years on our little blue planet, joins us all the way from Bainbridge Island, Washington, to help us explore our rapidly and ever changing world with courage and wisdom.

Some 500 years ago, explorers, like Columbus, left their European shores to discover the new world. Today we are forced to explore our inner world in an effort to find answers to the turmoil and chaos that is faced by humanity. We know that we cannot solve our challenges with the same level of thinking that created them.  So we search within to develop a higher consciousness to help create a new world. What might we learn from our circumstances that we can use to create a new tomorrow? Do we have the courage to discover and the wisdom to apply?

As usual, you’ll also be treated to amazing music by SolShine!


Presented by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Message by Rev. Dick Wolgamott
Directed by Nikko Kubota
Celebrations by Rev. Tamera Schmidt
Meditation by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Prayer by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Music by SolShine: Dave Finch, Eric Troupe & Victor Johnson
ASL Sign Language Interpretation by Meda Thompson


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