Facility Rental

Unity Community of Central Oregon welcomes the rental of our facilities to not-for-profit groups, institutions and individuals engaged in outreach and service to the community and region.
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Facility Rental

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Facility Rental

Room Rental Rates

The published fee structure below embraces all groups seeking to rent rooms and gathering spaces. These fees cover costs of heating, air conditioning, lighting, facilities maintenance, administrative expenses, set up, clean up, and audio visual and sound equipment (UCCO media technician must hired to operate this equipment).

Group Type Sanctuary & Foyer* Foyer Nursery
This room seats up to 150 and has theater style seating and a stage. This room seats up to 40 people and has rectangle tables and chairs. The Nursery is has rocking chair, baby bassinet and toys and booked designed for ages 0-4.
For Profit $150.00 for first hour
$75.00 each additional hour
$600.00 for 8 hours
$75.00 for first hour
$40.00 each additional hour
$300.00 for 8 hours
$50.00 flat fee
Non Profit $75.00 for first hour
$50.00 each additional hour
$375.00 for 8 hours
$50.00 for first hour
$25.00 each additional hour
$200.00 for 8 hours
$25.00 flat fee
Member $50.00 for first hour
$25.00 each additional hour
$200.00 for 8 hours
$25.00 for first hour
$15.00 each additional hour
$115.00 for 8 hours
Weddings & Memorial Services Scheduled with their owner fee schedule, contact the Event Manager below for a custom rate quote.

*When renting the Sanctuary, the Foyer is automatically included since guests have to walk through this area to access the Sanctuary.

Additional Fees & Deposits

Administrative Fee

A one-time fee of $75.00 is charged per event for a facilities walk through, instructions on use of thermostat and basic lighting, insurance check, unlocking/locking building on day of event, and for the Event Manager to be available by phone both before and during your event. This fee is waived for Unity Members.

Cleaning Fee

Groups under 50 have the option to handle cleaning on their own or they can pay the cleaning fee. If cleaning on your own, it is the responsibility of the Group to ensure the rooms and kitchen area are left clean which includes removal of any of Group’s handouts or flyers, floors are swept and/or vacuumed, foyer floors spot mopped, coffee cups and utensils cleaned and put away and is trash removed. Should UCCO decide the rooms were not left in satisfactory condition, this amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

For groups over 50, we require an additional cleaning fee. The fee is $85.00 for the Foyer and $110.00 for the Sanctuary and Foyer.

Refundable Security Deposit

A security deposit of $100.00 for groups under 50, $250.00 for groups over 50 is charged for each event. You will be billed for any damages, loss, additional services and/or overtime use fees after the event. If there are no damages or additional fees your security deposit will be mailed back to you within 14 business days after the date of the event.

Rental Deposit

50% of the anticipated rental fees is due to hold the space for your event. The balance of rental fees and any other arranged services will be due 30 days prior to the event. If an event is booked inside of 30 days, 100% off rental and service fees will be due.

Facility Rental


Coffee/Tea Service

Strictly Organic coffee and tea service, including creamer, and a variety of sweeteners is available for $15.00 per pot. Approximately 50 ceramic cups are available for complimentary use. You can bring in your disposable cups or they can be provided at a charge of $15.00 per 50 cups. Please make arrangements in advance if you need coffee and/or disposable cups for your event. A host may be required.

Kitchen Utensils and Serving Dishes

There is a selection of serving utensils and bowls and platters available for complimentary use. If food will be served, Group is responsible for providing flatware, dishes and glasses.

Continental Kitchen / Wet Bar

There is a double kitchen sink, mini refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and a buffet bar available for complimentary use in the Foyer.


UCCO provides onsite parking free of charge for 100 cars. Check with the Event Manager if you will need additional parking.


Guest WiFi access is available but may not be used to view inflammatory, explicit, or offensive material. Please arrange for use in advance with the Event Manager.

Facility Rental

Additional Services Available

A/V and Sound System

UCCO’s AV and sound system is available only for use under the supervision of one of our A/V Team sound technicians. This service is provided at an hourly charge.

Event Host

An event host can be requested to be on-site with your group throughout the time you have rented the building for and additional fee.


UCCO is available for weddings of members and non-members, including those with no formal religious affiliation.  All weddings are to be officiated by the current minister of UCCO.  The wedding couple will consult with the minister and design a service.  Scheduling of the building, planning details, and paperwork will be done by the Event Manager.



If you need our pianist or musicians, there will be an additional charge based on scope of request. Group may not use any of existing musical instruments in the facility.

Facility Rental

Interested in Exploring Further?

For complete details, please download the Facilities Rental Overview document.

For additional information, or to inquire about booking, please send a message below to our facility rental team.

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Please Note: As an organization, we retain the right to deny rentals based on our organizational philosophy and values, our scheduling priorities, and any knowledge we have of your conduct as a renter.

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