From Count Dracula to the launching of a rocket to our mother’s theoretical end of patience, we have always used counting to bring our attention to something important. It’s no wonder it is also a key ingredient in countless meditation practices and methods for relaxation and focus!

For a few years now, I’ve made it a daily morning practice to do the Five Tibetans (those numbers again!) along with some yoga, prayer, affirmation, and meditation. I created a counting method for my exercise repetitions that has turned in to a fun and effective way to combine affirmations with workout – and it works as a stand-alone stress reliever!

It’s simple: for each number there is an affirmation, and it goes a little something like this:

ONE – I AM One with all there is

TWO – I see you, and I love you

THREE – All I need is inside of me

FOUR – I AM opening up the door

FIVE – It’s so GOOD to be alive!

SIX – I’m magical and full of tricks!

SEVEN – On earth and it is in heaven

EIGHT – Life is GREAT when I appreciate!

NINE – I AM Divine

TEN – I go within to find my zen

ELEVEN – On earth I CREATE my heaven!

And so it is! Why eleven? Why not? It’s also helpful if you create a visual in your mind to go with each number/affirmation. For example, for “ONE – I AM One with all there is”, I imagine myself as a shining light and water droplet splashing down in to a beautiful sea and becoming ONE with it and all there is. Come up with your own number affirmations and visuals that are meaningful and exciting to you.

The next time you do a workout, or are impatiently waiting at the DMV, count your blessings and turn that frown upside down! 🙃

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