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"If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." — Thomas Jefferson
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I’m New

A Quick Introduction

We are a New Thought community that gathers to understand and acknowledge, in an open-hearted way, the nameless light and power that animates everything.  We offer practical spiritual teachings and a commitment to kindness.

Our community is vibrant, and welcoming.  We have members of every generation, birth through elders, with an abundance of families and young children.  We actively embrace people of every race, ethnicity, faith, culture, ability level, and sexual identity/orientation.  We value all life expressions and have an active Earth Care consciousness.  You are welcome here.  We consider you perfect, just as you are. You matter to us and we want you to feel that.

Our mission is to embody love and awaken spiritual consciousness.  We take this seriously.  You will feel the warmth as soon as you get around us. A foundational belief in Oneness means people here strive to live the Golden Rule, every day of the week.  Blame has no place, for everything we see is a reflection of thoughts held in our minds.  Our spiritual work as a community is to keep raising our consciousness until we are living in awe at the wonder of each other and the world we get to live upon.

We offer celebration services designed to inspire you and uplift your consciousness, drawing on both ancient traditions and contemporary sources of inspiration.  This includes programs for your children and teens that are fun and designed to connect them and ground them in spiritual principles.

I’m New

Who We Are

Our many groups, classes and workshops allow you to evolve your consciousness and also connect more deeply with others of like mind, who you will recognize quickly as your tribe.

Our minister, Rev. Jane Hiatt is an ordained Unity minister.  Six other ministers from various New Thought traditions share in leadership as well as a dozen individuals who are studying to become ordained ministers and licensed Unity teachers.  Our community is dedicated to leadership by the Spirit within.

We are a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

I’m New

Commitments of Our Community

We behold the good and sacred in all.

We affirm the presence of Spirit in all situations.

We acknowledge that all are worthy of love, peace, and prosperity.

We will pray with anyone who asks for prayer.

We are dedicated to replacing ‘duty’ with passion and joy. Passion and Joy are inevitable when Spirit is guiding us and results in a light hearted energy rather than a heavy sense of burden.

If you have something you would like to see at our Unity, you are empowered to make it happen as long as it is in alignment with our vision. Just talk to our minister or any one of our leaders.

We have been dedicated to youth since the first service we offered.

We give 10% of all money that is given to our Community to where we are spiritually inspired.

We commit to practice love in all our relationships so when concerns and conflicts arise in community, we address those concerns directly and lovingly.

We are focused on world healing and offer resources to congregations and individuals outside of our immediate community. For example, we offer our weekly talks online.

Our Meeting password is (case sensitive): UnityBend
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