Interspiritual Salad
by Brendalyn Batchelor – 5/19/2015

Creating a religion
A spiritual path
Of your own

Selecting those beliefs
And practices
That nourish your soul
And increase
Meaning and purpose
In your life

Making your own
Interspiritual salad
From the buffet of
That span the ages

Bringing in
Philosophy and Psychology
Brain science to
Quantum Physics
New Thought to
No Thought
Ancient to
Modern Wisdom

A little from here
A little from there
Creating a spiritual path
As unique as you
That supports and
Personal spirituality in
A community of
Oneness and

Brenda is a Unity minister, recipient of the 2012 Myrtle Fillmore award, and an active contributor in Unity Worldwide Ministries. Unity of Santa Fe is her home church. I love this concept of interspirituality as it expresses so beautifully what we do at Unity Community!

Unity shares and listens to the opinions of others. This article is the opinion of the author:

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