I was delighted to be asked to speak on LOVE at Unity Community, as it has been the primary study of my life for many years.  I’ve written countless songs about it, with telling titles; “Love Is The Reason We Are Here”, “Love Is My Religion”, “Love Is Our Deepest Truth”, “Trust There Is Love” and “Return To Love”, which is something I have to choose again every day.

There are those moments when irritation arises; or resentment. The spiritual journey is one of choosing to return to love, to peace, as soon as possible. The work I do in my life requires my heart to be open, a wide open space for love to fill up and overflow. If there is stuck energy there, a blockage caused by resentment or anger, I am cut off from the infinite flow that Love as God is. So the practice is a continuous letting go. Forgiving quickly and easily if possible. Noticing when there is stuck energy and releasing it. I have a lot of songs about letting go too! I sit by the river a lot; it reminds me to flow with life, to not resist, to let go and flow. May you feel the flow of infinite love coursing through your being, unobstructed, each moment of the day. And if you feel stuck, take a walk by the river, breathe deep, get in touch, and let go again into love!

Kathy Zavada, Guest Speaker & Musician at Unity on August 17th, 2014

“Kathy’s music and message radiate from a very loving, pure and authentic place. Her music is like listening to a lullaby…except instead of being lulled to sleep it stirs the heart to awakening and home. She gently and lovingly facilitated deeper reflection in her workshop exercises. She is an inspiration!”  -Gail L.

Kathy Zavada talk on 8/17/2014: Love | The Season of Spiritual Literacy

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