From Season of Spiritual Awareness series.

We are living in a pivotal time. We have a new year with lots of new choices to make about how we can bring this country together. As much as this is a big task, New Thought artist, writer and singer/song writer Karen Drucker believes it is a very simple one. And it starts with us. It starts with kindness. First kindness with ourselves and then kindness to others.

In this full live service, Karen Drucker will guide us look at how being kind affects everything in our lives and how we can heal the world with an overflowing kindness. With songs, stories, laughter and connection, we will experience the power of kindness first hand!


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Presented by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Message by Karen Drucker
Directed by Nikko Kubota
Celebrations by Clare Kubota
Prayer by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Music by Karen Drucker
ASL Sign Language Interpretation by Meda Thompson

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