With Elaine Marshall

October 26th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Location: Unity of Central Oregon

This transformative panel is designed specifically for those seeking to explore the profound intersections between entheogens and the concept of death.

Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern research, this presentation delves into the potential therapeutic benefits of entheogenic substances in helping people confront and make peace with their experiences of mortality.

Led by Leah Blackburn, an expert in entheogenic research and C-PTSD treatment, this talk will provide people with a safe space to explore the connections between their trauma experiences, the challenges of reintegration, and their perceptions of death.

Key points that will be covered:

Entheogens and death: The historical use, contemporary research, and the potential impact of entheogens on psychological healing and well-being. The speakers will emphasize the relevance of entheogens in helping people cope with post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression.

Death and Transformation: The talk will dive into how entheogens can serve as tools for people to navigate their own understanding of mortality and existential questions. The discussion will explore how these substances have been used in various cultural and spiritual contexts to facilitate transformative experiences and promote emotional transformation.

Facing Trauma and Healing: The presentation will explore how entheogens may offer a unique opportunity for people to confront and process their traumatic memories, potentially leading to a shift in perspective and an improved quality of life.

Safety and Ethics: The safety considerations of working with entheogens will be addressed, including guidance on responsible use, potential risks, and the importance of proper preparation and integration. Ethical considerations related to legality, cultural sensitivity, and the medical establishment will also be discussed.

Cultivating Resilience: Integrating the insights gained from entheogenic experiences into everyday life. Practical strategies and tools for fostering resilience, promoting self-care, and building supportive communities will be explored, empowering people to continue their journey of healing and growth.

Attendees can expect an engaging and thought-provoking presentation that combines scientific research, personal anecdotes, and a respectful approach entheogenic use. This talk aims to create a space where people can explore the profound dimensions of entheogens and death, fostering a sense of connection, healing, and transformation.

Whether you are curious about the therapeutic potential of entheogens or seeking ways to find deeper meaning in life, this talk offers valuable insights and guidance.


Leah Blackburn

With a background in chemistry and a deep interest in alternative therapies, Leah has dedicated her work to exploring the potential benefits of entheogens in addressing the complex emotional and psychological challenges that many people face, especially in relation to death and end-of-life contemplation.

Having witnessed the profound struggles that many encounter when grappling with mortality, Leah recognizes the pressing need for innovative and compassionate interventions. She brings together her academic background and firsthand experiences to shed light on the potential therapeutic applications of entheogenic substances in helping people navigate the intricate terrain of mortality, existential questions, and the fear of death. She draws from the body of extensive research, case studies, and personal anecdotes to provide a thought-provoking and sensitive discussion about the integration of entheogens into the realm of PTSD and mental health support.

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The ticket fee covers venue rental, with excess going to Bendable Therapy, a non-profit organization that promotes access to psilocybin services. 

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