We live by and remain aligned with our current mission statement as it is and as it may change and evolve in the future. We provide a safe place for a growing and spiritually deepening community of seekers and finders of the light. We easily attract those who are led to find us by being a beacon of positive spirituality throughout Central Oregon. Our congregation is a representative cross section of our community with a diversity of age, gender, race, political views, sexual orientations and spiritual paths. We excel at welcoming newcomers and make it easy for them to engage as a valued and integral part of our community.

Our inspiring services expand and are filled with many visitors and new members of Unity. Our music team grows apace with our congregation and number of services. We have a loving, thriving youth program with a huge number of children, nursery through 12th grade, who grow up with Unity and become productive and loving Unity Spirits.

We offer clear pathways for leadership and expression of individual gifts. Our ministerial students become ordained ministers and our Unity student teachers become licensed. They provide celebration and pastoral services that add to, expand and enhance Reverend Jane’s offerings. Some of our newly ordained ministers form new Unity Centers of outreach in nearby Central Oregon communities. We form a web of such centers that share talent and resources including web-based connections.

Unity joins the growing human potential movement with uplifting classes, musical and community events that attract and engage an expanding share of our central Oregon population.

All of our facilities and operating procedures honor the Earth through sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. We are a top-level example and leader in the Unity EarthCare program.

We add land and buildings to accommodate our growing needs for Unity and for like-minded organizations that align with us. We form a center of gravity for a coalition of spiritually minded organizations that operate from a shared, sacred and inspiring location. We are a vibrant hub of expansion and light that is making a positive contribution in our Northwest Unity Region, in the Worldwide Unity Community and in our world. Many congregants include a specific bequest to Unity adding to our prosperity and ability to serve the community. We are prosperous and thriving into the next generation and beyond.

Unity shares and listens to the opinions of others. This article is the opinion of the author:

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