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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." — Buddha
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At Unity Community of Central Oregon, we practice inclusivity by honoring New Thought Ministers with varied ordinations.  Centers for Spiritual Living (aka Religious Science), Eckankar, and more are represented in our community and these ministers share, currently as generous volunteers, in ministerial service, along with our full-time senior Unity minister.  A minister is someone who has made a choice to devote his/her life to spiritual development, practice and service.  We are blessed to have this many ministers in service in our community and to have many additional people in training for ministry.

Senior Minister

Rev. Jane Hiatt

An ordained Unity minister and our senior minister since January 2011, Jane is a warm and welcoming presence and she inspires that energy in the whole community.

She excels at innovating, speaking and empowering others to step into leadership.  She is passionate about children and family, writing, hiking and exploring the inner worlds.

Reverend Jane Hiatt

“Jane Hiatt is a lovely speaker. She channels timeless wisdom shining light on its relevance to present day in a very humble and personal way. She gives credit to many spiritual explorers that have navigated the way in the evolution of Unity and shares aspects of her personal journey blending intellectual curiosity and vulnerability. As the minister she facilitates a group consciousness that feels very open, safe and loving.”

K. A.

Associate Minister

Rev. Robin Ryan

Reverend Robin Ryan

Rev. Robin Ryan is ordained through Soul Purpose Ministries, focusing on the teachings of the Science of Mind and is also a Master NLP Practitioner. She is passionate about prayer and facilitating personal transformation. She oversees our Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Counseling Team.

Her other passion is horses!

“When we come from a place of loving and accepting ourselves just as we are, and noticing our human-ness with gentle humor, we immediately know peace and joy.  From this place, loving others flows from that deep well within, and can surprise us with its unconditional-ness!”

Rev. Robin Ryan

Associate Minister

Rev. Jim Pasmore

Rev. Jim Pasmore is an ordained Minister of Light.  He has had a longtime career in technology and in that role he travels the world, inspiring others.

He is passionate about youth (committed to being forever young himself) and is active in our Youth Ministry.  His other passions are grandchildren and any extreme athletic adventure.

Reverend Jim

“Adventure is the spice of life; it is why I came here!”

Jim Pasmore

Associate Minister

Rev. Tamera Schmidt

Reverend Tamera

An Ordained interfaith minister at Love in Action ministry, Tamera is our Minister of Hospitality.  She is also an executive coach, focusing on leadership development and facilitation.

Besides her teenage and young adult offspring, she runs a non-profit called Outsmart Brain Cancer that provides assistance to caregivers and their families.  Her true passions are shouting from the sidelines of college and high school football games and playing with her “doodles.”

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Unity and the people I have met here. This is the first church community that I have belonged to where I instantly felt 100% accepted and connected. The messages of love, grace, and acceptance always touch my heart and impact my daily life. I love that the focus is on spiritual growth and simply being good to yourself and others.”

U. F.

Associate Minister

Rev. Dick Wolgamott

Rev. Dick Wolgamott was ordained and served as a Methodist minister for many years before discovering New Thought which he has been steeped in for a very long time.  As our Minister of Conscious Saging, he is modeling vibrant health and attitudes into his 8th decade.

His wife’s health is moving them to Bainbridge Island in Washinton, but he remains connected to us technologically and in his heart.

Reverend Dick Wolgamott

“I’ve been going here for nearly a year now and it is no exaggeration to say that it has changed my life. One of things I love about Unity is the acceptance and non-judgmental nature of the organization, but more importantly, of the leaders and people who call it home. There is no pretension here, just pure love and positivity (great music too!). I look forward to every Sunday, it’s my favorite day of the week!”

Kevin Kubota

Associate Minister

Rev. Jill Gwen

Reverend Jill

Jill is an Ordained Minister of Religious Science with Centers for Spiritual Living, and a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner & Minister at Rev. Michael Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center.  She was ordained by creating her non-profit called GO SOULAR (www.GOSOULAR.org).

Here in Bend, she is a Prayer Chaplain at St. Charles Hospital and also gifts people 1-on1 Spiritual Visioning Sessions in her retirement.

Associate Minister

Rev. Beth Welton-Miller

Rev. Beth Welton-Miller is ordained by People of the Heart and the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards. She received experiential training in diverse spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Indigenous and Shamanic practices, Goddess Spirituality, and Christ Consciousness. She has taken Bodhisattva vows “to be of compassionate love and service to all beings and the earth”.  As our Minister of Embodied Self-Awareness and Expression, she is passionate about teaching, learning and connecting through body-centered practices such as movement, breath and sound.

Reverend Beth

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