Here is a way to use affirmations powerfully.

Begin by choosing affirmations that are spiritually true but seem hard to own because they stretch you. Here are some examples:

The Divine dwells within me and desires that I heal.
I walk with joy through all my circumstances.
My life is a well-tuned orchestra, creating harmony and love everywhere I go.
Abundance is my birthright and I allow it fully into my life now.

This is a journal exercise. Write the affirmation down. The more resistance you feel, the better! Write down whatever argument your ego has to offer. Then write the affirmation again. Write down the next argument. Keep this up for 20 minutes. It may take you days or even weeks before the arguing voice runs out of objections, but eventually it will. When it does, you will start to see the truth of this affirmation in your life. At this point, you keep writing the affirmation, 10-20 times a day until you feel it as complete truth for you. Then take on a new affirmation stretch.

Louise Hay and many other people have affirmed their ways to a better life and you can too!

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