"Prayer is the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental action until man's consciousness synchronizes with Christ Mind" — Charles Fillmore
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What is Prayer?

A Message on Prayer From Rev. Robin Ryan

Prayer is a spiritual technology that shifts our consciousness from attention on the material world of lack and limitation to the higher dimensions of unlimited power and supply. 

Through prayer, we remember who we are—vibrations of All That Is—and we align our thinking with that identity. 

This recalibrates our feelings about the human experience we are currently having and allows us to see the situation, circumstance, or relationship we are praying about in a new light—one of harmony and possibility.

As our consciousness shifts, the door opens to have a different experience. The material circumstances may or may not change but our experience of them will always change.

We have a Prayer Team and Prayer Leaders who love to serve through Prayer. When we pray with another, both people enter into that state of higher consciousness and the higher vibration feelings that go with it. By joining energetic forces, we amplify the power of the prayer to shift consciousness, starting with the ones praying and rippling out through the Cosmos.

“Prayer is about you enjoying a better life empowered by your Divine Capacities. Claiming your Divine Identity during tough times leads to greater life, greater love, and greater good, all of which are natural for you to desire because they are your True Nature.”

Linda Martella-Whitsett

VP of Prayer and Practice, Unity World Headquarters


Exploring Prayers

We’ve recorded a few sample prayers from our very own prayer team members for you to explore.  Click on the desired prayer to play it, or click the top play button to play them all.

Prayer Partners

A prayer partner is a very special relationship. A partnership can be for a limited time, while you need a little extra support, or an ongoing practice that becomes part of your daily routine. However you and your partner decide to do it, it WILL be powerful and connecting. When you request a prayer partner, our Rev. Jane will pair you with another person who is also looking for a partner at a similar time. Once you connect with your partner for the first time, you can decide on the frequency and timing of your prayers together. It always works out!


Support is Available

If you are facing a challenge, Unity stands ready to support you with prayer. Prayer is available in the following ways:

Fill out an online Prayer Claim Form and one of our Prayer Leaders will pray with you.

Call Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry.  Prayer support is available 24/7 at 1-800-NOW PRAY.

Download uPray app, the free mobile prayer app from Silent Unity.

Call the office at 541-388-1569 and leave a message that you would like a Prayer Leader to call and pray with you.

Before and after every Celebration Service, we are present and available to pray with you upon request.


Prayer at This Community

Our Community is founded on the following beliefs:

We behold the good and sacred in all.

We acknowledge that all are worthy of love, peace and prosperity.

All of our Prayer Leaders here at Unity Community of Central Oregon are trained in the Silent Unity prayer method and are honored to pray with anyone who asks.

We send all the prayer claims on to Silent Unity where they are prayed with for 30 days.

We pray and meditate in classes, meetings and on Sunday.

We affirm the Presence of Spirit in all situations.

We will pray with anyone who asks for prayer.

Our Leaders have Prayer Partners and we offer this to all who attend our community.

We give time for prayer and to fill out prayer claims at our Sunday Celebration Services. We follow up after the service with those indicating they want a response and we pray with them.

In conflict situations, our leaders make decisions through prayerful discernment.


Prayer of Protection

Our Children lead us in the Prayer of Protection at the end of every Sunday Celebration Service

The Light of God surrounds me. I am the Light of God.

The Love of God enfolds me. I am the Love of God.

The Power of God protects me. I am the Power of God.

The Presence of God watches over me. I am the Presence of God.

Wherever I am, God is, because I am!


Prayer Claims

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