Somewhat belatedly, I am including the prayers from Carolyn Myss in Defy Gravity that go with each grace and chakra. Here they are.

First chakra: The Grace of Reverence

I invoke the grace of Reverence so that I might be one with all life and that my life might serve the whole. I ask that this grace alert me to all that I do that keeps me separated from my vital life force, so that I might make wiser choices. I ask that this grace alert me to when I am compromising my intuitive guidance because I don’t like what I am hearing.  I ask for the courage to hear what I must hear and to act on the guidance given to me.

Second chakra: The Grace of Piety

Piety is the grace of God in constant creativity; continually supplying my life and all life with endless energetic and physical resources. If I do not see those resources, then it is because I am looking through the lens of fear. I ask that the grace of Piety surround me and endlessly flow from my second chakra, replenishing all that needs healing. Let this grace dismantle my fear of others, of not having enough, and of hardship, and may those fears be replaced by this grace that illuminates the way I see others. Let me be available to care for others and to be a vessel of kindness for human beings. This is the grace of Piety in action.

Third chakra: The Grace of Understanding

I seek the grace of Understanding in all matters of my life so that I may clearly see beyond the obvious and the personal. I ask to see the wisdom path and to understand the deeper truths about my own nature. may I always use the graces of Understanding and common sense in the service of others, and may I always be able to act on the guiding instincts that flow, even without my needing to ask, from the grace of common sense.

Fourth chakra: The Grace of Fortitude

I ask for the grace of Fortitude to keep me steady in times of chaos and uncertainty. It is easy to be seduced into fear, and once fear gets hold of my thinking, it is difficult to break free of its influence. It is, as Teresa of Avila described it, a reptile in my interior castle. I ask that this grace keep me alert and surround me like a castle wall with a field of grace powerful enough to help me stay centered, whether in the privacy of my own thoughts or in my interactions with others. Let fear never take command of my thoughts, my heart, my actions, or my soul.

Fifth chakra: The Grace of Counsel

I ask to be shown the truth within myself that I might never harm others with my illusions. I ask for the stamina of spirit to contain the transforming power of cosmic truths as I come to understand them. Let truth be the guiding force in my life. Let the grace of truth continue to sustain me and to heal me when I slip into illusion.

Sixth chakra: The Grace of Knowledge

I ask that the grace of Knowledge guide my thoughts and illuminate my awareness of all that transpires within the vast resources of my mind. Grant me the inner light to enter into a deeper knowledge of who I am and help me to listen to that still, small voice that is unlike any other, that I might recognize truth when it is being revealed to me.

Seventh chakra: The Grace of Wisdom

I ask that the grace of Wisdom guide me on my path. Let me respond with wisdom to the problems and challenges of my life, rather than with fear and hostility. Let me build a soul with the stamina to absorb the grace of Wisdom so that I may serve the whole of humanity with the actions of my life, acknowledging as I now do that all I do, think, say and feel influences the well-being of all life.

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