Prosperity is something we all desire, and define differently. I would define it as fullness, a sense that we have everything we need and desire and that we are able to grow while being fully supported by life. Prosperity definitely includes money, and it is more.  The Unity teaching on prosperity is that, as we identify with the Divine on an essence level, we claim prosperity as an innate quality. Just as the drop contains all the chemistry of the ocean, we contain all the qualities of the Divine. We also contain all the power of the Divine—but, just like the drop of seawater, we only access that power when acting in harmony with this greater power.

This understanding is key because it puts us in the position of being already prosperous, being distributors of wealth, rather than being lack-based consumers hunting for our good from outside of ourselves. As soon as we perceive our good to be something we have to get, something requiring us to morph in order to get, we broadcast the vibration that we are separate from prosperity. At that point our “order” is placed and we are served the result: a lack of prosperity.

I personally am challenged to tell myself over and over that I am rich if I’m feeling poor. Instead, what works for me is to align with power images of wealth. For example, I call on Bee as an animal helper bringing me medicine. I see myself as a honeybee burrowing into a flower filled with nectar, pollen sticking to my fuzzy body. I proclaim “Riches stick to me!” and I feel prosperous. This is not logical. Logically, I am certainly not a bee. But the subconscious mind responds to imagery and I believe spirit animals are available to help us balance our energy and come into alignment with our essence. So my subconscious accepts this image. As I focus on it more and more, my outer circumstances are organized to fit with the image.

If the animal image doesn’t work for you, try another picture. This world is filled with imagery of plenty. Think about dandelions and how they spread, the number of geese in the park, the thousands of bugs on a summer day, the countless grains of sand on the beach or the plethora of stars in the sky. Prosperity is all around us. As we focus on it and identify with it, we bring it increasingly into our material consciousness.

Here is a short meditation to help you shift your mind into that consciousness.

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