Questing sounds so fun – to be on a quest. It is also a lot of hard work, because when on a quest one is attempting to go where they have never been before, either geographically or mentally – emotionally – spiritually.

I believe Jesus was on a quest of the highest order when he went off in the desert for 40 days. He quested to know ALL of himself and admit and acknowledge all of his demon thoughts and feelings. And when he had done that, when he had entertained the validity of those thoughts, he came to realize in his very center that, while a person may HAVE negative thoughts, that is not the core of the person. We truly are made up of LOVE, pure and simple. Love is at the core of every one of us.  Jesus so deeply understood this, not only about himself, but about all humankind, that he spent the rest of his life teaching love from a position of love. He proved it by not striking back even when he was threatened, tortured and killed. His message was that love trumps all, even physical death.

I spoke on Sunday about depression, which is a form of holding negative thoughts and feelings inside when they no longer want to fit. What might you be holding inside that is striving to be released?

I guarantee that negative thoughts and feelings, when cleared out, uncover the beautiful, gorgeous child of God that you really are! Trust that, stand on that, and then boldly quest where you have never been before!

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Rev. Robin Payne-Ryan has always been interested in the Quest for knowing God better, and will share some of her personal quests, past and present. More importantly, she will share how those past quests worked out for her! Have you ever been on a special quest to experience God more deeply? Are you on one now? She will share some of her insights on how to get the most from your personal quest.

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