On Jan 18 and 25 we’ll be exploring the Lazarus Blueprint for dealing with the stuff in your life that seems most impossible to bring back to life. It might be an overwhelming pile of debt or a chronic inability to make and keep money. Maybe it’s a painful relationship that seems hopeless to bring life to. It might be way too much weight that you’ve been lugging around your whole life. It might involve someone you love dearly who is in a dangerous place or on an unhealthy path. Most of us have something that may as well be dead and rotting in a tomb for all that we know to do about it.

The good news is that there is a way to roll away the stone and command life to return. I am excited about finding this blueprint because I can already see where it has worked in my life and how I can use it more consciously. I always love sharing powerful tools. And I’m excited because the Bible is such a misunderstood book that seems to generate negativity because of the misinterpretations. Here is the Bible at its best. Hidden within a seemingly simple story is a pattern for creating an amazing resurrection in our ordinary lives.

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