Through Unity Central Oregon’s Action Compassion Transformation (ACT) ministry we will be participating with faith communities across the globe in the Sacred Season for Climate Justice. This year many of the world’s religions high holidays take place between March 17th and May 6th — Holi. Vaisakhi. Ramadan. Passover. Holy Week and Easter. Vesak. Naw Ruz. Ridvan.

These religious holidays attract billions of people. The Equinox, Earth Day, and World Water Day, which also occur during this time, engage even more people.

An international interfaith movement is galvanizing a Climate Action and Climate Justice season during this time and our Unity Community of Central Oregon is taking part. We will be offering workshops on Sacred Eco-Nomics, showing a fabulous documentary about powerful real-life examples of Earth’s regeneration, and possibly organizing a faith for climate action rally. Stay tuned for details.  

In the meantime, here is the statement that Unity Worldwide Ministries posted to the Sacred Season for Climate Justice Resource Collection. This collection has some beautiful Earth-related teachings, prayers and meditations in case you’d like to check it out.

Unity Worldwide Ministries believes that all beings are interconnected in a spiritual Oneness. We affirm reverence and care for the Earth and all the creatures it supports.  The vision statement of Unity’s EarthCare Team is that “All humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving coexistence with all creation and care for our Earth home. We act so that every step on our planet home and through our life here is an active prayer for all divine creation.” Unity’s commitment to Earth care comes from deep desire to know oneness with all life as was expressed by Unity Founders Charles and Myrtle Filmore. 

[There is] intelligence inherent in every form, animate or inanimate. It has been discovered that even rocks and all minerals have life…. We should be speaking words of truth to everything, not only to mankind but to the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms.  (Charles Fillmore, Christian Healing, The Word, #14, p68) 

I was almost accused of being a nature worshiper when I was a little girl. And I have always loved what I see in nature, as well as in all artists who are so close to the beauty side of God. Nature is surely the glorified face of Good. See the beauty about you and you do see the manifestation of the infinite Mind.  (Myrtle Fillmore: Mother of Unity by Thomas Witherspoon, p280) 

Unity Worldwide Ministries supports and affirms an end to the desecration of Nature, and bold action in stopping climate injustice for all species and human populations who are disproportionately harmed by climate pollution, fossil fuel extraction and consumption and the resulting ecological destabilization.

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