Now that we’ve opened all the presents and perhaps have finished putting away all the Christmas trappings, it’s time to focus on a new year. At Unity we have a new season: the Season of Opening Minds. We have a saying “Welcome to Unity Community where minds open, hearts heal and souls awaken. Unto the world we are a light.” This year we’ll be breaking that down one quarter at a time.

We all get stuck, let’s face it, in both big and little ways. Our path to flow and ease can be a long one, but no matter what is ours to do it begins, like all creation, in the mind. Far bigger than the brain, mind is an energetic aspect of our being encompassing our bodies, but also flowing from Source.

Source contains all ideas and possibilities, fully formed in a state of perfection. We access them according to our consciousness. But if our minds are closed, if we are hanging onto the ideas that we’ve always thought and the ideas that our culture broadcasts, and we’re not questioning these ideas, we are not accessing the potential that could be ours.

We begin to open our minds by exposing ourselves to books, talking to people who think differently, learning new subjects and skills, and –most of all–by spending time in the silence. This season at Unity, our Sunday talks will (hopefully) be provocative and help listeners to think in a new way. In small groups, we’ll be discussing Super Brain by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi. This book will challenge ideas we have about our brains and aging; offer novel approaches to common stuck places like depression, anxiety, obesity and memory loss; and teach us how to access our enlightened brain.

The silence is for each person to connect with individually. It may be through quiet time in nature or by a meditation practice. Sleeping, while helpful, doesn’t count as accessing the silence! Although it may be the way messages come. Unity Co-Founder Charles Fillmore meditated several hours a day trying to “connect with headquarters” without any success. But consequently to establishing this practice, he began to have rich pre-cognitive dreams. If the master plans for life already exist in Source, then it makes sense to open our minds to the wisdom that is there for us so that we can make the most of our lives.

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