Thursdays, October 19 – December 7 (not Thanksgiving), 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Location: online

Hosts: Rev. Jane Hiatt & Maya Arden

Cost: $75

Self-awareness is necessary for optimal balance and functioning in life. To be self-aware is to realize the dimensions of self and the states of those dimensions. Human beings are multi-dimensional. We are animal, connected to these bodies and the earth we move upon. We are relational, connected to humans as well. We are cosmic, connected and part of all creation, made of stardust. We are Spirit, expressing in form. Students will explore the dimensions of self by studying various systems and techniques for self-awareness. They will become more conscious of their attitudes, beliefs, and ways of being; symptoms of stress and imbalance; healthy responses to stress and imbalance; and how to integrate spiritual principles to maintain balance and honor all facets of their being. 

Instructor bios – 
Rev. Jane Hiatt

Rev. Jane Hiatt is the senior minister at Unity Spiritual Community Central Oregon. She has been teaching all her life and loves to create classes that are experiential. She brings a particular expertise in relationships to this class. Rev. Jane is excited about teaming with Maya to expand our awareness of self as multi-dimensional.

Maya Arden

Maya Arden is a social impact strategist, working with leaders and teams to use self-awareness and self-reverence practices to drive social change. A cultural anthropologist and human evolution enthusiast, Maya invites us to hear, remember and embody the innate intelligence that is communicated through every cell in our bodies and every wave and particle around us at every moment.

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