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Q: What are Spirit Groups?
A: Groups of 4-8 people that meet weekly for a 6 or 7 week session to share and discuss a Spiritual book, topic, or video. Groups commit to confidentiality and support of each other.

We start a new round of Spirit Groups each season. These spiritually focused discussion groups, normally based on video curriculum or books, have provided a rich source of connection and a sense of belonging to a vibrant, welcoming community for those who have participated.

Groups are limited in size to 4-8 people, so sign up as soon as you are ready to commit! Our goal is to have enough groups so that everyone can participate, but if the group you want to join is already full, let us know and we may start another group! We urge you to make time for this in your schedule. This is how we deliver our mission to embody love and awaken spiritual consciousness. It is so much more effective in a small group.

It’s easy to join a Spirit Group and anyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a Unity member!

If you still need help, contact Kevin Kubota, our Spirit Group Leader, via email.  You can also talk to Kevin about hosting a Spirit Group!

Spirit Groups

Upcoming Spirit Groups

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Interested in hosting a group? You can can host at your home OR via Zoom. Sign up now for the host training, it’s easy and fun! All Unity members are eligible to host and the only qualification is a desire to help people connect, and a 6-7 week commitment to hosting your group. Sign up for the no-obligation training to find out more. Sign up here for training OR participation.

If you have completed the host training and are ready to post information for your group, click below…

The Five Things We Cannot Change…And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them

Group Host: Lynne Zuckerman
Locaton: Home in Redmond
Starts: Thursday 1/25/24, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Meeting Times: Every Thursday for 7 weeks.
Group Size: Maximum 7 people + hosts
Materials: The Five Things We Cannot Change … And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them

The group will read the book by David Richo and discuss the the five things we cannot change 1. Everything changes and ends 2.Things do not always go according to plan 3.Life is not always fair 4. Pain is part of life 5. People are not loving and loyal all the time and how to learn to accept them so when they occur we can still be happy and enjoy our lives.

Becoming Supernatural {FULL}

Group Host: Colinda Wolfe-Finch & Sarah Hood
Locaton: Home in NW Bend
Starts: Thursday 1/18/24, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Meeting Times: Every Thursday for 7 weeks.
Group Size: Maximum 7 people + hosts
Materials: Becoming Supernatural book

“Becoming Supernatural” by Dr Joe Dispenza, discusses how normal people are doing extraordinary things, how they are doing it and the science behind it. We will experiment with these techniques and become the Superheroes we know that we are born to be!

Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Group Host: Carol Fox
Locaton: Home in SE Bend
Starts: Saturday 1/27/24, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Meeting Times: Every Saturday for 7 weeks.
Group Size: Maximum 7 people + host
Materials: Nonviolent Communication book

We will read and discuss “Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Life” (3rd edition) by Marshall Rosenberg. Rosenberg believed that our greatest human need is for connection. NVC offers a simple but profound understanding of how we can communicate with others in ways that strengthen our connections and meet our other needs as well. At our first meeting we’ll decide the best meeting time/day that works for the group.

Our Meeting password is (case sensitive): UnityBend
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