Dear friends,
Back in October, I shared with the board how meaningful attending Kids Camp had been to me as a kid and that it was a catalyst of good in my life. We wanted to help share that story with you, the ministers, LUTs, board members, lay leaders, youth ministry folks, and of course parents, grandparents, and those caring for kids.

I interviewed six people who attended as campers spanning 3 decades. I was blown away both by the amazing making a difference in the world adults they have become, and how their experiences of acceptance, joy, self-expression, community, and love at Kids Camp were universal and consistent over the many years. These folks have a heart of service, kindness, and creating belonging that is far beyond average.

I believe that our Unity NW youth camps and retreats are possibly the most powerful tools we have to create positive change in our world. Youth who have an inner knowing of their worth, their power, and their interconnectedness are the best thing we can give our future.

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Let’s grow Unity and nurture awesome kids!
With joy,
Rev. Rachel Simpson
Kids Camper ’87-91, Counselor 94-98, Sponsor 2023
Chair, Unity Northwest Region Board

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