“There are many kinds of miracles and many benefits to creating them,” writes author Melody Beattie. She continues, “Miracles can be bodacious or subtle. When you apply the principles, sooner or later previously unsolvable problems get fixed. Or our perception changes. We’re able to comfortably live with a circumstance we previously couldn’t endure. Grace neutralizes anguish. We find comfort in our lives. We’re satisfied with who we are and what we have, feeling surprisingly content. Life doesn’t get much better than that.”

When we dive into studying abundance with gusto, the first step is to consider how we’d like it to show up. Generally we don’t go into a restaurant and say, “Just bring me something to eat.” We have preferences and hankerings.

There are multiple domains in our lives that require attention and we tend to give that attention in one or two domains at a time. The domains are health, career, relationships, time/money freedom, and spirituality. Which of these would you like to see prosper right now?

Once you’ve chosen your domain, then start dreaming up the miracle you want to see. Everything begins in the mind, with an emotionally rich thought. So let’s all get busy and do some good thinking!

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