The Irish have a phrase–thin places–to describe sacred areas of the earth where we can more readily feel the presence of Divine Soul pouring through. Samhaim is the Celtic end of harvest feast that became Halloween. In this tradition, the veil between the material and the non-material world is thinnest at this time of year and therefore communication between the two worlds is easier. It is also a time to confront the dark of the world and our psyches and find the light that it contains.

In Mexico, the people celebrate Dia de Muertes, a time when they remember, pray for, and celebrate those who have crossed through the veil in the passage known as death. It also serves as a reminder of the impermanence of mortal life.

November and December are the months in the Western Hemisphere where the darkness seems to prevail as the light diminishes. It is a time of rich meaning for us as we examine darkness and light in our lives and strive to find unity in the yin/yang of this polarity.

Perhaps at this time of year we can take advantage of the thinness in our world to awaken and deepen our spiritual consciousness.

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