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“Lionsgate” is an astrological alignment, with ties to Ancient Egypt, between the Earth and the Star Sirius. Sirius, one of the brightest stars, is twice as bright as our sun! As Sirius rises, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. This marks a time of incredible energetic downloads, awareness, and abundance. This year promises even greater energetic shifts than usual.

Rev. Jane will explore how this light from the heavens, come to earth, is creating a New Earth, an earth where we are all consciously connected to the one Field. Whether you think of this light as an astrological phenomenon, the support of light beings from other planets, Divinity itself, or the waking up of our collective Higher Selves, the effect is the same. Heaven on Earth.

As usual, you’ll also be treated to amazing music by SolShine with special guest Donna Benjamin!

And you will also be treated to a special HeartMath meditation lead by Meghann E. Harty!


Presented by Jane Hiatt
Directed by Kevin Kubota and Nikko Kubota
Celebrations by Clare Kubota
Meditation by Meghann E. Harty
Prayer by Jane Hiatt
Music by SolShine: Dave Finch, Eric Troupe & Victor Johnson with special guest Donna Benjamin


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