From the Season of Evolving Consciousness series.

With this service, we begin a new season: The Season of Evolving Consciousness.

We will explore the ways we are being called to evolve and how to get beyond the obstacles deterring our evolution individually and as humanity. We start, by exploring a few themes from the Hebrew Scriptures, foundational writings in our culture. The ideas presented in the Bible influence us in ways we don’t recognize because our exposure to those ideas happened for many of us at a time when we were too young to question them.

The influence on us continues today not as overt teaching but as cultural assumptions. For example, in Unity we talk about oneness: one world; one people. That is not a new idea. Originally the Hebrews believed that. But that wasn’t entirely a good thing. Then there was a shift to individualism. That brought freedom and progress and also disaster. It’s not a simple either/or but a continuum of evolving consciousness. Since evolving and awakening spiritual consciousness is our mission, then it’s important to examine this continuum. And that’s just one theme. The Hebrew Scriptures are rife with ideas that are deep in our psyches. If we have eyes to see!

As usual, you’ll also be treated to amazing music by SolShine with special guest Jim Loughrie!


Presented by Jane Hiatt
Directed by Kevin Kubota and Nikko Kubota
Celebrations by Clare Kubota
Meditation by Jane Hiatt
Prayer by Jane Hiatt
Music by SolShine: Dave Finch, Eric Troupe & Victor Johnson with special guest Jim Loughrie


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