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The Unity Health and Wellness Ministry gathers to educate and support our community in building healthy minds and bodies.
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The Unity Health and Wellness Ministry promotes healthy minds and bodies through spiritual practices and common sense self-aware care.  Our sessions offer experiential opportunities to Nourish Soul, Mind, and Body as a whole.  More programs will be added in the months to come.

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Plant-Based Brain Foods For Spiritual Wellbeing

Free Online Cooking Classes – Every Sunday via ZOOM!

Searching for a practical way to eat healthier in 2021? Join Unity’s FREE Evolutionary Eating online cooking classes offered every Sunday from 4:00-5:00pm PST via Zoom.

During each Evolutionary Eating class you will learn to make a plant-based superfood recipe designed to nourish your brain, body and spiritual wellbeing – created and taught by one of our amazing Unity community members.

April 4:  Knife Skills & Vegetable Rice Stir-Fry

With Chef Suzanne Landry 

Professional chef and culinary educator Suzanne Landry will teach proper knife skills as you slice, dice, and chop all the vegetables, with safety and precision, for your superfood stir-fry.  

In this class you will also learn:  the best cooking oils to use for stir fry; how to extract juice from fresh ginger; and how to make Chinese brown fried rice that you could serve as a feast. 

More Upcoming Evolutionary Eating Classes

April 11: AVOCADO GAZPACHO with Ian OSullivan 

April 18: SUPER SMOOTHIE with Chef Al

April 25: SUPERFOOD SUPER BOWLS with Donna Benjamin

Registration is FREE for Unity Members!

To Reserve:  email Ian O’Sullivan at  and you will receive your shopping list and instructions prior to the class.

The Evolutionary Eating Brainfoods Cookbook

Pre-register here to receive a FREE copy of Unity’s Evolutionary Eating Brainfoods Cookbook 2021 – and gain access to our entire compendium of member-contributed superfood recipes.

Calling All Home Chefs! 

Do you have a smart brain food recipe to share with our Unity Community?

We welcome all recipe contributions that meet our Wellness Guidelines below.

Please email your submission to Ian O’Sullivan at


  1. No meat, poultry, or fish
  2. No eggs or dairy
  3. No wheat, soy or corn
  4. No processed sugar
  5. No artificial sweeteners
  6. No synthetic additives
  7. No oxidized or heat processed oils
  8. Ecologically Sustainable
  9. Organic & Non-GMO
  10. Low Glycemic – Fiber Focused


  • We nourish the brain to achieve our optimal emotional and mental wellbeing
  • We nourish the brain to achieve our optimal spiritual health
  • We nourish the brain to access higher states of mental and spiritual consciousness
  • We nourish the brain to access higher levels of creativity, empathy, intellect, intuition, & acuity
  • As we nourish the brain, the body will follow
  • To nourish the brain, one must feed the gut
  • To nourish the brain, one must create an alkaline body chemistry
  • The nourish the brain, one must reduce systemic inflammation
  • To nourish the brain, one must consume healthy thoughts, or mental food, in addition to physical food.
  • To nourish the soul, one must consume all things with a spirit of gratitude, thankfulness and awareness of life’s abundance
  • We become what we digest – and do not let go of
  • Plants, mycelium and microbes provide most of the medicine we need to heal our physical, mental and spiritual being


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