Sunday Service: Sunday, April 24th at 10:00 AM

Practicing Inclusivity in a World of Divisions – with Dr. Shariff Abdullah

Dr. Shariff Abdullah’s invitation to this Sunday’s talk

This Sunday, Dr. Shariff Abdullah will deliver a talk titled, “Practicing Inclusivity in a World of Divisions”

It’s relatively easy to practice “We are One” on Sundays.  Our challenge is to practice inclusivity with people who are not like us… and who also DON’T like us! Talking about inclusivity makes you look “spiritual”.  However, the real challenge is actually practicing inclusivity in a world that makes it so easy for us to separate from each other.   The practice of inclusivity is vital to Shariff’’s VISION for a world that works for all living beings.

The Friday before service, Dr. Abdullah will also be providing a deep-thinking talk about these wild times we are living in called “Welcoming the Wave.”

Around the world, humanity is currently experiencing an unprecedented transformation of human societies… “The Wave”. Most of us are ignoring it, running from it in fear, or desperately trying to hold on to the status quo. And a few of us are reaching out to embrace it! We few will be the leaders of our new, transformed societies. The Wave is dangerous… unless, of course, you learn how to surf it! In this positive and spiritually uplifting talk, Dr. Shariff Abdullah charts our path ahead over the next few months, and explores how YOU can prepare for unprecedented change!

Join the visionary and engaging Dr. Shariff Abdullah for a series of events at Unity Community of Central Oregon.

“Welcoming the Wave” with open Q and A on Friday, April 22, 2022 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

And finally, he will be implementing A Workshop Deep Dive into the 12 Steps of Inclusivity, Saturday, April 23, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

In-Person & Livestreaming on

We’re back to having in-person service and we are also Live-streaming on our website using Zoom! You can watch even if you don’t have a Zoom account (you don’t even have to fix your hair!). It will also be available as a recording in the video library on our website and on Facebook later that day. 

Since the Oregon mask mandate was lifted on March 11th we will no longer require masks at our in-person service. We encourage those that still feel more comfortable wearing a mask to continue to do so. Whatever feels right for you is the choice we encourage you to go with. 😊😷

ACT Ministry

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Sacred Eco-Nomics: Create a Beautiful Economy that Works for all Beings

As part of our Season of the Earth, Cylvia Hayes will be offering a Sacred Economics workshop on April 28th, 6 – 8pm.  Online via Zoom.

National and global economic systems, based on materialism, consumption and limitless growth, are wreaking havoc on Nature and keeping millions trapped in poverty or unsatisfying, dead-end jobs. There is a better way!  The New Economy movement is robust and gaining momentum as more and more people, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations say “enough is enough” and get busy creating healthier ways of making a living and doing business.  Explore some of the current norms in status quo economic systems that need a change-up. Let’s dive into some of the exciting alternatives and learn how we can help make the shift from an economics of separation to an economics of reunion, respect and love.

See the Unity CO website classes and workshops page for more information.


Beer and Good Works!

April 27th, 6:30pm

Worthy Brewing Eastside, Bend Oregon

Before COVID landed we had a vibrant and growing EarthCare team, with regular potlucks, great info. sessions and FUN! We want to get that good stuff rolling again. So, we thought we’d try something a little different and just get together at a local brewery to see where we want to go from here.

Please join Cylvia Hayes, Anne Marie Ecklund, Donna Benjamin, George Lemagie, Ande Cardwell and other members or our EarthCare and ACT Teams for a beer, or a non-beer, and a great discussion about where we want our service for the Greater Good to go from here.

Get ready for some fun!

Youth Programs Resuming!

On May 1 we will get our weekly Sunday kids’ program up and running on a regular basis.  Your kids are welcome to invite friends whose families don’t go to Unity. When it comes to spiritual growth, more is wonderful!

Would you love to volunteer with the kids of any age? If you enjoy kids and are passionate about supporting a new generation in growing up knowing the power within them, please contact Rev. Jane.

Dropping Bottles to Support our Unity Youth just got easier!

Unity Community of Central Oregon has a BottleDrop account and when you drop blue bags with our barcode on it, the funds go into our youth program.

Dropping off your BottleDrop bags in Bend just got easier. There are now four locations to drop off your Green and Blue Bags in Bend and Redmond. In addition to the Bend and Redmond BottleDrop Redemption Centers, BottleDrop Express sites are now available in Bend at the 3rd Street Albertsons (1800 NE 3rd Street) and the Bend Fred Meyer (61535 S Hwy 97).

The BottleDrop Express sites at 3rd Street Albertsons and Bend Fred Meyer include a drop door for Green and Blue Bags exactly like the drop doors located at full-service redemption centers, and also include a BottleDrop kiosk inside the stores to access an existing account, create a new account, print bag tag labels, and get funds through cash vouchers or by Pushing Plus to get an extra 20% in store credit. Green Bags can also be purchased at these locations. Additionally, you can visit Newport Avenue Market (1121 NW Newport Ave.) to purchase Green Bags and use the BottleDrop kiosk inside the store to access your account and print bag tag labels. Please note: this location does not include a bag drop door.

Support our youth programs!

“Hour of Power” Sacred Song Sound and Healing

Starting May 1, (and ongoing approximately the first Sunday of each month).

This is a hybrid event (online and physical) at Unity of Central Oregon

Cost: Suggested donation $10-25. No one turned away for lack of funds

Come live or join the live stream for our first “Hour of Power”.

On May 1st, we will offer 60-90 mins of powerful sacred song, sound bath, and immersion. Come join us and receive the gift of Healing Frequencies that will transport us to peace and beauty…


Poetry Sharing Gathering

April 23rd, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Unity Community of Central Oregon

Poetic Presence presents:  Unmasked: A Springtime Poetry Event for All. Share your original poems or written favorites at this open mic for poetry and spoken word. Your hosts Donna Benjamin and William Gregory will usher you into your magnificence at this lively soirée!

Deep Dive Poetry Workshop

April 30th, 10:30am to 1pm

At Unity Community of Central Oregon

Cost:  Sliding scale $35 — $50

Learn how to craft and read poems in this in person workshop facilitated by local poets and educators, Donna Benjamin and William Gregory. No poetry experience necessary.

To register and RSVP email here

Gregg Levoy

Special Visit with author, Gregg Levoy!

We are psyched to have the amazing Gregg Levoy with us May 15th!  He will be our featured Sunday speaker and will provide an in-depth workshop right after service.

Gregg Levoy is the author of “Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life”—rated among the “Top 20 Career Publications” by the Workforce Information Group—and “Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion“.  He has keynoted at the Unity Worldwide Ministries Conference, the Smithsonian Institution, Environmental Protection Agency, International Conference on Positive Aging, Microsoft, American Counseling Association, and others, and has appeared on ABC-TV, CNN, NPR, and PBS. Gregg is a former adjunct professor of journalism at the University of New Mexico, former columnist and reporter for USA Today and the Cincinnati Enquirer, and is now a regular blogger for Psychology Today Magazine.

Here is info on his workshop:  Callings: In Search of an Authentic Life, with Gregg Levoy

May 15, 12:30-3:30 pm

This is a 3-hour workshop at Unity of Central Oregon

Cost: $30

Callings are urgings from spirit that tell us what it will take to make our lives literally “come true,” pointing us toward awakenings, course-corrections, and powerful authenticity. They could involve a career change or creative leap, taking on a new role or letting go of an old one, or launching a new venture.

While honoring callings’ essential mystery, we’ll explore what they ask of us, how we tell the true call from the false, how we handle our resistance to it, what happens when we say no, and what happens when we say yes?

Death and Resurrection

David King, one of our members, left his body behind on April 13, on his way to his next adventure. After years of chronic illness, he spent his last hours in the beautiful new hospice house, in the company of his longtime partner, Jill Nishball and their new pup Dodger. David was a kind and curious man with a good sense of humor who helped many people along his life’s way.

David King

Make it beautiful


By Donna Benjamin

Yes, it’s time

Time for renewal

Time to roll back the rock and emerge victorious

We’ve seen

We’ve witnessed

We’ve cringed

At the current reality

It’s harsh

It’s cruel

It’s truly unacceptable



It’s time

For you see it’s all made up anyway

So why not make it glorious

Full of compassion




Why not drop the violence

The pain

The suffering

And welcome

The joy

The peace

The love

Why not

That’s for you to decide

The avatars before you

Were asking



Sometimes pleading with you

To stand in your power

Your grace

Your knowing

Roll back the rock

And emerge with the Divine seeing

That you embody

We can tumble



Or start a rumble of reinvention

Where children are fed

Land is restored

And peace reigns

Who are we not to embrace this vision

Let’s make it our reality

From this day forward

Standing on the shoulders of our wisdom keepers

Let’s not let them down

Walk in faith

Walk in truth

Walk in strength

And turn this ship around

Visualize the horizon of your dreams

It’s all made up anyway

Why not make it beautiful

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