Sunday Service: Sunday, May 22nd at 10:00 AM

Celebration as Spiritual Practice – with Cylvia Hayes

Invitation to Sunday Talk with Cylvia Hayes

Celebrate, good times, come on!  We are living in extraordinary times and, despite some of the appearances, there is a LOT of really positive stuff happening in this world.  Good is all around.  Celebrating the Good is a powerful spiritual practice.  Celebrate this magnificent world.  Celebrate these extraordinary times.  Celebrate life, and love.  And maybe most importantly, celebrate the Truth of who and what You really are.

So bring your good times and your laughter too (and anything else you may be feeling) and get this party started!!

In-Person & Livestreaming on

We are delighted to offer you the option of in-person service or Live-streaming on our website using Zoom! You can watch even if you don’t have a Zoom account (you don’t even have to fix your hair!). It will also be available as a recording in the video library on our website and on Facebook later that day. 

Masks are no longer required at our in-person service. We encourage those that still feel more comfortable wearing a mask to continue to do so. Whatever feels right for you is the choice we encourage you to go with. 😊😷

Youth Program

Our Unity kids are getting special services again!


This lovely play area is for our infants and kids up to age 4.  Just being able to play in the company of loving caregivers is something the little ones can’t get too much of.  They are right next door to the sanctuary in the Nursery Room so parents can be easily alerted if they are needed.

Elementary Youth

We have a beautiful curriculum currently centering around trees and nests and the beauty of the earth. We have generous volunteers to teach. Now, all we need are the kids! If you are a parent/grandparent with elementary-aged children, we would love to serve them. We know the sunny weather brings chances to camp and travel. If you want a program for your children, would you be willing to commit to some weeks that they will be present and communicate that to us? It’s no fun for a single child or two. Please, if this is something you want, would you email Rev Jane and let her know which weeks your kids could be present between now and school’s end for starters.

Come grow with us!

Find Connection!

Connection Matters!

We create community by getting to know each other and that requires the investment of our time, beyond Sunday morning. We encourage you to find a group (or start one!) that works for you. These are the current opportunities.

The Women’s Walking Group meets Wednesday mornings at 10am.  See the calendar for more details and RSVP Suzanne by email or 805-729-2916. This is a chance to get out there and get some sunshine, friendship, and good conversation.

The Men’s Group meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 6pm, at Unity. This is a spiritual discussion and service group of men who are seeking connection and friendship of like-minded individuals. All are welcome.

Join Dave for Singing Practice! Every Wednesday from 7:00 – 8:30 PM in the sanctuary. Music Director Dave Finch holds a dedicated music practice for anyone who wants to sing with Solshine on Sundays.  No prior experience needed.  Just show up with your beautiful self and willingness to sing a song!

We’d love to add Spirit Groups to this list! Spirit Groups are small groups of folks who come together for several weeks to study and discuss various spiritual topics.  This can involve reading a certain book or viewing TED talks.  To learn more click here — You can make a Spirit Group of your choosing happen by becoming a host and picking a topic, time and place!

Spirit Group Host Training

Thursday, June 2, 2022 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Location: Online via Zoom

If you are interested in being a Spirit Group Host, either online or in your home, please email Naomi Steele with any questions or just show up on the Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 814 6417 8858 Passcode: 423665

Our Social and Environmental Justice Ministry

Wanna talk Trash?!  Join the Landfill Tour!

May 19th, 10am to 12pm

The Deschutes County Knott Landfill is a spectacle, and it’s filling up fast.  Join us for a tour of the landfill and recycling center.  There, we’ll learn about how landfills work and what can and can’t be recycled and why?  We’ll also learn about some of the options for managing regional waste going into the future.

We know this may sound yucky, but it’s actually a not-too-dirty, fascinating learning opportunity and a chance to hang with some of your Unity buddies and meet folks from the Environmental Center.

Please RSVP by email to Cylvia Hayes.  The tour guides require a head count and you’ll need directions on where to park!

Wanna Generate Less Trash and Support Great Programs?

REgroup Thrift Store at 424 Northeast Greenwood Avenue in Bend offers TEXTILE RECYCLING so you can take your old clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. there and they will be recycled instead of landfilled.  Proceeds from sales and recycling programs help fund REGroup’s projects including Hospice, Bend Spay and Neuter Project, & Together for Children.

Discarded clothing is a huge environmental blight globally so having a place to recycle textiles right here in Central Oregon is a great resource.

YouTube player
Check out the virtual tour

Door Hanger Front

Help Us Get the Word Out!

Do you love Unity and think others would too? Do you agree that Unity is a too well-kept secret? Do you need to get more steps in for your exercise program? If the answer to any of these is yes, we have an opportunity for you!

Pretty soon we are going to have a big stack of cool door hangers that introduce Unity and invite folks to come check us out.  We will need lots of volunteers to walk neighborhoods and help get these out there.  Don’t worry there is no door knocking or evangelizing involved—just ninja activity to pop the hangers on the doors! Your kids can help!

We’d like to give a shout-out to Gayle Zeigler who came up with this innovative idea and who is taking the lead coordinating volunteers to help get them distributed.  Please contact Gayle if you’re willing to help and get that exercise while you’re at it!  —  Email Gayle

Door Hanger Back

Rainbow Wedding Network

Unity of Central Oregon is the only Rainbow Wedding venue in the entire region. We are proud to serve all loving couples who want to make vows and celebrate love.

Are you ready?

Unity Worldwide Peoples’ Convention

June 13th – 17th.

If you have never attended the annual Unity Worldwide Convention you are missing out! If you have attended you know you won’t want to miss this one. This year’s convention will be a hybrid in-person/ livestreamed event. Rev. Jane will be attending virtually and Cylvia Hayes will be attending in person. As part of the Unity Worldwide EarthCare team, Cylvia will be delivering a workshop on Sacred Eco-Nomics. There will also be a very cool Council of All Beings session that will be livestreamed.

The full convention schedule can be found here:

Answer the Call

by Donna Benjamin

Are your callings calling you?

Are they tapping you on the shoulder every day?

Are they showing up in your dreams at night?

What if it’s time to listen?

Sit quietly

Deep breath in

Close your eyes

Imagine your vision of life on earth to its greatest potential

What do you see?

How do you feel?

So if you had your druthers

What would you do?

Who would you be?

Breathe it in

Your calling is calling you

Don’t hang up

Answer that call

It might take baby steps

It might take one giant leap

No matter

Answer the calling

What if Thomas Edison or Mahatma Gandhi

Didn’t answer the tapping shoulder call?

What if Malala stayed silent?

What if Wangari Maathai never planted a tree?

The world would not have been as rich

In a world of naysayers

Be a yaysayer

You can do this

So what are you waiting for

Answer the call

It’s custom made for you

And only you can make it real

Answer the call

No wires crossed here

Clear communication from the universe

So no hesitation

No overthinking

No doubting

Answer the call

Can you hear it?

Leia Napoli

Member Appreciation 🙏🏽

This week we want to give a shout out to Leia Napoli.  Leia just recently stepped up to serve as Secretary on our Board of Directors and dove right in.  She took over finalizing our listing on The Rainbow Wedding Network and took it to a whole new level. She is also helping on our youth team. Leia brings a quiet thoughtfulness and peaceful light to everything she touches. We are richer because she is part of us!

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