Sunday Service: Sunday, July 24th at 10:00 AM

The Mystery and Power of One with Rev. Jane Hiatt

Invitation to Sunday Talk with Rev. Jane Hiatt

In Unity we often proclaim that we are one, like it’s a good thing. In western culture, the idea associated with one is singularity: the lone ranger, the outcast, the only begotten, the top of the heap, the exception to the rule. As we set down the cultural baggage around oneness, we get a chance to step into the mystery and power of the One.

In-Person & Livestreaming on

We are delighted to offer you the option of in-person service or Live-streaming on our website using Zoom! You can watch even if you don’t have a Zoom account (you don’t even have to fix your hair!). It will also be available as a recording in the video library on our website and on Facebook later that day. 

Masks are no longer required at our in-person service. We encourage those that still feel more comfortable wearing a mask to continue to do so. Whatever feels right for you is the choice we encourage you to go with. 😊😷

Let’s ‘crack’ into shared community!

Reminder – Bring a Snack to Share on Sunday

We love it when our community stays to connect and chat after service. We encourage you to bring in a bag of crackers, fruit, granola bars, or dip to share. We’ll provide the coffee and tea!

Kids Activity this Sunday

Our kids will be with Pat Frain exploring the Power of One. What can we do as one person? How are we one with each other?

The nursery is open for children 4 years and under.

Our teen program is taking a break for the summer and will start back up in September.

Come exploring with us!

Prosperity Potlucks Invitation

Prosperity Potluck with Rev. Jane

Starts Thursday, July 21st at 6pm in the Unity foyer

This is a 7 week series that begins this week. You can RSVP for just one, all, or anything in between.

These classes are free but we encourage donations! RSVP HERE.

Creating a life by design is not accidental. At these potlucks, we will gather in community to share a meal and to learn the principles (based on the work of Gay Hendricks and Unity teachings) that will turn our lives into masterpieces of delight and blessing fields that benefit one and all.

Given summertime, and the travels that go with it, we ask you to commit each week, rather than for the whole series, as the seating in our foyer is limited. This is a chance to get to know others in the community (and invite friends who may not come Sunday), eat good food, and learn powerful spiritual principles that will allow you to create a more prosperous life. Please bring a healthy dish to share!

Topic for this week – The 3 Levels of Manifestation. Did you even know there were 3 levels? We’ll be exploring Newtonian, Einsteinian, and the Third Way as well as the types of manifestation that work best with each level.

Healing Sound Bath

July 24th at 7pm in the Unity Sanctuary

Join guest musician Robin Hanbridge this Sunday as he guides a one-hour meditation with three 32-inch hand-crafted gongs, and a seven-foot-long Didgeridoo he carved from a Vermont Maple tree. Robin has been guiding meditations for 20 years all over the country.

Bring something to lay on (mat, blanket, pillows)

Suggested donation – $10-$20 per person.

Newcomer’s Potluck Dinner

July 26th at 6pm hosted by Kevin & Clare Kubota

These gatherings are a wonderful way to get to know others in the Unity Community and connect and share our spiritual journeys. It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these dinners, so anyone who has never been to a Newcomer’s dinner is welcome.

Please RSVP on the website since space is limited to 8 people. The address will be sent when you RSVP.

A Time to Gather

Get ready to experience more!

New Hearing Assist System

Need hearing support at Unity? We now a have hearing assist system that runs wirelessly through your smartphone and your own headphones while at our services. You download a free app, connect to our system, and set the volume as you need it. Please contact Kevin if you want to start using this system and he’ll provide specific instructions. 

Unity Has a New Neighbor

You may remember us sharing that our neighbor for the past 4 years, Desert Sky Montessori, found a new campus to accommodate their need to combine both of their schools. They officially moved out in June. We’d like to welcome our new neighbor, Mia’s Sprouts! Mia’s Sprouts has had a location in Redmond and had been looking to open a second location in Bend. They are busy doing some remodeling and preparing to open in early September. We are excited to be sharing the property with them.

Cultivate Connection

Ongoing Programs for Adults

Women’s Activity Group – Join others for hikes and other fun adventures. Contact Suzanne Landry to be notified of upcoming activities.

Men’s Group – Gatherings are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 6pm in the Unity Foyer. Contact Jim Pasmore for more info.

Singing Group – Join Unity SolShine Music director, Dave Finch every Wednesday at 7pm in the Unity sanctuary. No experience necessary and all ages welcome! Contact Dave for more info.

Member Appreciation

This week we’d like to share our gratitude for the wonderful Pamela Mathews. Pamela is a long-time Unity member and volunteer. To list all the things Pamela takes care of would take up this entire newsletter, so I’ll summarize and say that she is instrumental in keeping Unity beautiful. If she sees something out of place, or that needs to be done, she is on it! Her loving energy is such a gift to our community 🙏🏽💜. Thank you for all you do Pamela!

Pamela Matthews

Have Something You Think We Should Include in Our Newsletter?

An appreciation, blog content, poem, event, or class? If it fits our guidelines we’re happy to share it. Contact Clare Kubota.

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