Sunday Service: Sunday, August 14th at 10:00 AM

Do Cats & Dogs go to Heaven? with Rev. Jane Hiatt

Rev. Jane Hiatt’s Invitation to Sunday’s talk

Our relationship with our pets is so strong and our grief is great when they die. The grief is compounded by exclusionary teachings about heaven that leave those pets out. Unity teachings are different. We’ll talk about a more ensouled view of life everlasting and we’ll have an animal blessing ceremony.

Bring a photo of a present or passed pet to be part of an animal blessing.

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Feel the warmth of fellowship

Reminder – Bring a Snack to Share on Sunday

We love it when our community stays to connect and chat after service. We encourage you to bring in a bag of crackers, fruit, granola bars, or dip to share. We’ll provide the coffee and tea!

Kids Activities this Sunday

This Sunday kids will stay and be part of the Celebration Service.

The nursery is open for children 4 years and under.

Teen and pre-teen special event on August 30th from 3pm – 6:30pm – Movie and discussion on our own energetic power and influence with games and discussion and enjoy getting to know one another over pizza. Free and open to friends! RSVP HERE.

Family Event This Saturday – Movies and Activities Celebrating our Favorite Pets

August 13th from 9am – 5pm at Unity – Open to all so invite a friend

This is a family-friendly celebration of our most popular animal companions – our cats and dogs! Because of the warm weather this event will be held inside for humans only. Unless they are certified service animals, cats and dogs need to stay at home.

Kids are invited to wear cat or dog costumes.

There will be a contest to see whether cats or dogs rule to be determined by donations for the event that go into either the cat or dog jar.

Schedule of Events

9:00am: Singalong with professional musician Victor Johnson

9:30-11:45am – Movie – Secret Life of Pets

11:45am – Animal Yoga with Mer Reiss

12:00pm – Lunch break

12:30-2:15pm – Movie – 101 Dalmatians

2:15pm – Animal Yoga—with Mer Reiss

2:30pm – Stories with Donna Wolf

3:00pm – Sing and Dance with Miss Janelly Bean

3:30-5:00pm – Movie – Spy Cat

Prosperity Potluck with Rev. Jane

Thursday, August 11th at 6pm in the Unity foyer

Topic for this weekThe Laws of Purpose and Personal Responsibility

This is a 7 week series. You can RSVP for just one, all, or anything in between.

Classes are free but we encourage donations! RSVP HERE.

Creating a life by design is not accidental. At these potlucks, we will gather in community to share a meal and to learn the principles (based on the work of Gay Hendricks and Unity teachings) that will turn our lives into masterpieces of delight and blessing fields that benefit one and all.

Get more details HERE.

Invitation to Prosperity

Invitation to Alter of Love Weekend

Weekend of Song, Yoga, & Learning with Renowned Musician and Teacher – Ananda Das

Events happening Friday, August 19th 7:00 PM through Sunday, August 21st 6:00 PM at Unity. Sign up for one event, or the entire weekend of events. Purchase your tickets in advance for the best pricing!

We are honored to welcome Ananda Das back to our Unity! He is an amazing musician and teacher of song and yoga. The weekend schedule is below. All the events can be attended individually or sign up for the weekend package to experience the full benefits. Prices increase when purchased at the door.

Friday 8/19

7-9pm: Kirtan | Heart Songs | Sound Healing – Joined by a wonderful band.

Saturday 8/20

9am-11am: Fearless Heart | Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Yoga

2pm-5pm: Singing, Mantra & Bhakti Masterclass

Sunday 8/21

10am-11am: Guest Speaker & Musician at Sunday Service (Free or by donation)

3pm-6pm: Cacao Ceremony, Healing Heart Songs and Sound Healing

Healing Music Sundays

August 14th and every Sunday from 5:30 to 6:30pm at Unity

Requested donation of $10 to $20 to support our musician and Unity.

Come in comfy clothes and bring a mat, pillows, and blankets to relax and let the beauty of the music and sounds soothe your soul.

What intentions will you set?

There’s a seat for you… join us!

Newcomer’s Dinner at Kevin & Clare Kubota’s Home

August 31st from 6 to 8pm

This potluck is open to anyone who is newish to Unity, or has never attended one of these dinners before. These dinners are so much fun and a great opportunity to connect and to get to know other Unity newcomer’s 😁. There is space for 8 guests, so please RSVP to reserve your spot. The address will be given upon receipt and confirmation of your RSVP.

We look forward to getting to know you better. RSVP HERE.

How Has Unity Changed Your Life?

Souls on Fire Practice – August 15th from 6 to 8pm at Unity

Has your life been changed for the better through experiencing Unity and putting our teachings into practice? Here is an opportunity to articulate this transformation more clearly for yourself and have a chance to inspire others. You will be able to create an outline based on a template that we’ll email you once you’ve registered. Then you’ll get to practice and get feedback with a small group. When you’re feeling confident (enough) we’ll schedule a date for you to share this with our congregation on a Sunday morning.

This is a free class but is limited to 7 people so we ask that you please register to reserve your place.

Ongoing Programs for Adults

Women’s Activity Group – Join others for hikes and other fun adventures. Contact Suzanne Landry to be notified of upcoming activities.

Men’s Group – Gatherings are held on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 6pm in the Unity Foyer. The next gathering is August 15th. Contact Jim Pasmore for more info.

Singing Group – Join Unity SolShine Music director, Dave Finch every Wednesday at 7pm in the Unity sanctuary. No experience necessary and all ages welcome! Contact Dave for more info.


A poem by Donna Benjamin

I swallowed the moon and every time I opened my mouth

Moonbeams would pour forth

They would adhere to your soul

Life would be sweet and sacred for you from that moment forward

I swallowed the moon and took all the burdens of history

And transmuted them to golden shafts of forgiveness

So that we could move ahead with grace and ease

I swallowed the moon and felt such a sense of elation

That I floated up into the galaxies

Looked down and marveled at the enormity and beauty of this revolving sphere called planet earth

I swallowed the moon and woke up with a full belly

Filled with light and compassion so that I could help steward us into a brighter day

I swallowed the moon and then released it so it could be in its natural state

Shining its effervescent light to all

To remind you of all the miraculous cycles of life

The ebbs

The flows

The tides

The reflections of the magnificent you

My invitation now is to dance in the moonlight

And celebrate our humanity

And remember why we are here

Let’s dance…

Laura Jesinek & Nicole Fontana

Member Appreciation

Have you seen the new Nest (our children’s meeting spot) mural? It’s of a Nest of course! Amazing artist Nicole Fontana and Unity member Laura Jesinek donated their time and talent to help beautify our Nest with this beautiful piece of art. Now our Unity kiddos will be adding some painted eggs with things they’d like to nurture and grow to the nest. If you need a mural done you can contact Nicole at Thank you so very much, Nicole and Laura!!

Our new Nest mural!

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