Sunday Service: February 25th at 10:00 AM

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Invitation to Sunday’s talk, with Rev. Kelly Billings

The Power of Our Pain

with Rev. Kelly Billings

Pain isn’t something most of us welcome yet it’s a frequent guest—sometimes a lifetime companion. Pain tempts us to adopt a victim mentality. However, when we use the spiritual key that pain, like all of life, is happening for us, we open a doorway. On the other side wait guidance, wisdom, and possibility. This Sunday, Rev. Kelly Billings will explore the journey and power of pain.

Bring a snack to share after service!

Join us for fellowship after service to connect with others in our community.

Childcare and activities available

Open to for children 0 through 12 years.

Sound Bath & Reiki

Every Sunday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM

Join Lisa Swisher and her team of beautiful musicians for an hour of peaceful relaxation and healing. It’s a perfect self-care treat. Bring a mat to lay on and wear comfortable clothing. All are welcome. Cost is on a sliding scale – $15 to $25.

Sunday Morning Meditation Service

Starting Sunday, March 3rd and then every Sunday, 9:00 to 9:45 AM (Doors open at 8:50 AM and close at 9:05 AM)

Join us in the schoolhouse behind the main building each Sunday for a time of present awareness, centering, and community. We will have guided meditation/focus time, silent meditation, music, creative expression and sharing. (Meditation experience is not necessary) Some chairs and pillows are available, or bring what you need for your comfort.  “The quieter you become the more you can hear.” Anonymous

Watch Service In-Person or Online at

Special Events

Community Grief Ceremony

February 22 · 6:30pm – February 24 · 3:30pm

In life it is necessary to grieve those things that no longer serve us in order to let them go. Grief is a common human emotion that impacts us all. It can come to us through divorce, illness, loss of dreams, conflict, death, change and so much more. Grief is an invitation to feel. It invites us to come into the body to shed light on those things that are ready to be released in order to heal. Because of this, we must have ways to move our pain. Grief needs to be regularly felt and released or it begins to smother our joy, creativity, and our ability to connect with our self and others.

Community Grief Ceremony is a safe way to learn how to lean into grieving within and among community. Communal grieving offers something that we cannot get when we grieve by ourselves. Through validation, acknowledgement and witnessing, communal grieving allows us to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing. Each of us has a basic human right to that genuine love, happiness and freedom.

Unity folks pay $150, a $100 discount. Go to our calendar for full details and registration.

Soulcial and Annual Meeting

Tuesday, February 27th, 5:30 PM

Bring your potluck offerings and we’ll share friendship and a feast, followed by our annual meeting where we’ll elect new board members, vote for non-profit tithe recipients, and hear about areas of focus for the coming year. The people running for the four positions available on the board this year are: Eric Moyerman, Rev. Kelly Billings, Russell Simpson, and Dennis Schoenberg. Read more about them below.

Eric Moyerman

Eric Moyerman: Eric grew up Jewish in Philadelphia and attended Friends’ Central School.  He received a BS in Marketing and an MBA in Management from the Wharton School.  His career was in the pharmaceutical industry for 40 years at companies ranging from start-ups to mega-corporations, and in roles from individual contributor to President of a division of 650 employees.  He was the founding President of the Project Management Institute St. Louis chapter.

Eric met and married his wife Diane in St. Louis 18 years ago. They were inspired to move to Bend in 2016.  Eric is a co-leader of their neighborhood Firewise program. He and Diane have volunteered at Bethlehem Inn and the Family Kitchen and are actively volunteering in multiple ways at Unity.  They discovered Unity in late 2022 and became members in February 2023.

Rev. Kelly Billings

Rev. Kelly Billings: Rev. Kelly works as a hospice chaplain and is honored to work with individuals and their families during this profound time of transition. He is a former United Methodist minister who was in vocational ministry for over 20 years—as the lead pastor at one church and associate pastor at two others. He served on the board for all three churches as well as a spiritual non-profit. This gave him an understanding of the challenges and celebrations in spiritual communities and the leadership challenges that go with them. He is also a certified coach in Natural Church Development and believes he has tools that will help our community grow and prosper in a way that is in alignment for us.

Dennis Schoenberg

Dennis Schoenberg: Dennis is a lover of planes and grew up near LAX. His undergraduate degree is from University of So. California and his Masters is from University of Alaska, Anchorage. He’s lived in the Pacific NW since 1995 and was an active Unity member first at Unity Portland, and then Unity Bellevue, since 2005. Dennis moved to Bend 2022 and has been attending since then. He has been involved in Spirit Groups both as a member and a host during that time. He retired from

a 27-yr airline (non-pilot) career last summer and now owns and flies a small airplane

based here in Bend. He most recently made a private Air Camino from Bend to Kittyhawk. This photo shows his stop at Unity Village on the way.

Russell Simpson

Russell Simpson: Russell was born in 1987 in New Jersey. He has a BA in Japanese and a Masters in Architecture. He speaks German and some Spanish. He’s gender fluid and loves ecstatic dance. He moved to Bend looking for a spiritual community and found it immediately at USCCO. He has been a greeter and now Lead Greeter since joining Unity in 2019. He is the Executive Designer at Around the Bend Farms 501c3, the President of  Light Path Educational Center and the Owner of Reuse All Detritus LLC. He considers himself a Healer, Maker, Listener, Supporter.

Stardust Jazz Ensemble Concert

March 8, 7:00-9:00 PM, $20

Let these talented musicians show you why the 50’s were the time that jazz was in the swing! Also, this is the first time this promoter is trying our venue. Let’s support the concert and welcome more great music in our space. Only 29 tickets left!

First Annual Share the Love Silent Auction

March 17, 2024, 12:00 PM

Bid on housekeeping services; private 3 course dinners; counseling, hypnotherapy, spiritual direction, and intuitive readings; jewelry with Asian or New Zealand influences…. So many goodies will be up for bid! Something for every budget. Our community has been so generous. Contact Charlotte Oakes if you have items to offer or want to help. She especially needs people to set up and take down tables and to help with the cleanup. Many hands needed.

National Faith+Climate Forum

Unity Spiritual Community Central Oregon will be hosting the local hub for the National Faith + Climate Forum.

April 16, 9:00 AM – 2:15 PM

This event is your chance to collaborate with fellow faith leaders and community members in a day charged with inspiration, learning, and action. Dive into a program rich with national speakers, engaging discussions, practical workshops, and dynamic collaborative sessions. Open to all – from clergy and lay leaders to congregants both young and old – this forum is a rallying call for anyone ready to integrate care for creation into the fabric of their faith community.

Register now – Registration is FREE.

1.    Click the link above.

2.    Fill out the required registration fields.

3.    Select the “Attend in person at a designated host location” Ticket Type.

4.    Then select your specific location.

This event is a project of the national organization, Blessed Tomorrow, and is being brought to you by Central Oregon Interfaith EarthCare, of which USCCO is a founding member. Caring for creation is our moral responsibility for the sake of our faith, families, communities, and future generations. Everyone is welcome, whether you have been caring for creation for some time, or just getting started. There is so much we can do to care for creation in our congregation and community. We all can be part of the solution. Help us spread the word.

For more info contact Cylvia Hayes, (541)280-5040.

Where We Give

At our annual meeting, we’ll be voting on tithe recipients. These are the candidates:

Diversity and Inclusion:

Embrace Bend;

Food and Shelter:

Family Kitchen; The Lighthouse Navigation Center

Families and Children:

Neighbor Impact;

Changing Patterns


Think Wild;

Oregon Natural Desert Assoc.

The community organizations receive 1% of our quarterly income. Where does the other 9% go? We invest it in regional and international Unity organizations that are working to advance the movement of positive spirituality and awakening through Unity. This is how we contribute to creating a global ecosystem of unity, deep wisdom, and loving kindness. This video from Unity CEO Rev. Jim Blake, will give you a taste of what your funds are supporting.

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Classes & Workshops

Grow Spiritually with Unity

At Unity: Thursday, February 22, 12-1:30, with Rev. Jane

This is a 4-week introductory class to give you an idea of basic Unity principles and practices that can help you to grow spiritually and make a practical, positive difference in your life.

Week three: The Art of Manifestation doesn’t have to be a Secret!

For the Kids

Summer Camp Opportunities

It’s not too soon to start planning for summer camp. Our Northwest Unity offers 3 camps in Vernonia, OR (near Portland):

Kids Camp for ages 7—11, June 30-July 3

Unitreat for ages 11-14, July 28-Aug 2

YOU Rendezvous for teens, Aug 1-4

And here’s a video talking about the lifelong impact of Kids’ Camp.

Want to help more kids attend Unity camps? Make a special donation and note in the memo it’s for camps for youth!

Community Building

Women’s Group

Wednesday, Feb 21: WOW walks and hikes

Wednesday, Mar 16: Wendy Wilson: Using Essential Oils for Healing

Contact Suzanne for details or to get on the list for future activities!

Member Appreciation

Clare & Kevin Kubota

Kevin and Clare Kubota have been enjoying six weeks in Thailand and a much deserved rest. We have missed not only their warm smiles and hugs and words of encouragement but we keep noticing gaps—the things on our to-do lists that we wish they were here to help us with. From technology, to administration, to serving on our board, to renting out our space, to hosting Sunday service, to hosting newcomer dinners, to coordinating volunteers, to leading Spirit Groups, to working with the kids, to cultivating our community culture, to contributing financially, the Kubotas are a force. It’s truly hard to imagine our community without this Spirit infused couple. They’ll be back this week and perhaps, instead of their familiar “Aloha” we can expect to hear “Sawadee Ka”. Here are just a few photos of them enjoying their trip to Thailand.

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