Sunday Service: May 5th at 10:00 AM

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Invitation to Sunday’s talk, with Debra Arlyn

Dream Your Way Forward: Intention, Focus and Intuition

with Debra Arlyn

Overcoming stress, anxiety and conflict begins by “dreaming” our way forward, and believing that our dreams hold the power to create what we desire. Consciously choosing which inner visions and mental pictures we cultivate in our mind’s eye, requires intention, focus and patience. Learning how to trust the process of manifestation (or “dreaming forward”) – helps us navigate life more creatively, effectively, and with authentic empowerment and resilience.

At just 18, Debra earned the title “the girl with the incredible voice” from the CEO of Capitol Records. Her dynamic talent has been a standout presence ever since winning “Oregon Idol” and competing on “American Idol” – as well as winning the Nashville Song of the year Contest and having her music featured on the E! and WB TV networks. Her live performances, motivational speaking, and professional coaching and consulting business are all bound by one common thread—her extraordinary voice. Having triumphed over debilitating stage fright and anxiety in her youth, and navigating a complete life and career re-launch after a divorce that saw the loss of a six-figure family business, to self-healing through severe burnout and health challenges – Debra remains more invigorated and empowered than ever. She is now dedicated to leading others to find their inner power, embrace their inner visions, and trust their inner voice. And above all, to never stop dreaming their way forward – no matter what obstacles arise.

Bring a favorite snack item to share with the community after service! We’ll provide the coffee and tea ☕️.

Sunday Morning Meditation – Every Sunday, 9:00 to 9:45 AM (Doors open at 8:50 AM and close at 9:05 AM)🧘🏽

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Classes & Events

We have a special program for our 5-12 year olds this week 💖.

They will be in the foyer making beautiful felted soap for Mother’s Day. Suzanne Landry and Jill Nishball will be leading this activity. The felt acts as an exfoliant on your skin, while the soap cleanses. Please have each child bring up to five soaps. You can choose your personal favorite, if you’re the one being celebrated on Mother’s Day. Scented, unscented, hand-crafted, store bought, glycerin, hard milled, goat milk….all work equally well.

The following week (May 12) we will begin our outdoor playtime for the kids. You can volunteer to be the required parent volunteer for that week or ensuing weeks by clicking here

New Class – Life Transitions: Exploring the Three Phases

Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Missed the first gathering? No worries! Step through the “hallway” and into a journey of transformation at our next session on Tuesday. Inspired by Ellen Debonport’s book  Hell in the Hallway: How to Move Gracefully Through Change into Renewed and Abundant Life , our discussions led by Unity Board member Dennis Schoenberg are already illuminating the phases of life transitions and how to navigate them with grace and gratitude.

This free class has commenced, yet the doors remain open for new insights and participants. Donations are welcome to support our collective exploration of life’s profound changes.

📅 Join us next Tuesday from 6pm – 7:30pm

The Treasure in Your Field: Mystical Prosperity Teachings

Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM, May 2nd – 30th

Join us for “The Treasure in Your Field,” a transformative five-week course harnessing the mystical teachings of prosperity. With a focus on abundant giving suited to your means, this immersive experience offers evening sessions that delve into time-honored wisdom for personal growth. Please note the Wednesday class is no longer available, ensuring all journeys now converge on Thursday evenings. Secure your spot for a path filled with spiritual enrichment—registration closes after the second class.

Please be sure to register so we know how many workbooks to print!

Sacred Women Drumming Circle 

Saturday, May 4th from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Join us this Saturday for a celebration of self, Earth, and spirit at our Women’s Drum Circle, led by Katie. Honor the beat of your own drum with singing and sharing – an enriching experience that weaves connection and joy. No drum? No problem! Instruments are available to share.

Your contribution in any form is cherished, as it supports our gathering of unity and expression. This is an open call to all who identify as women – let’s create harmony together!

Queens Caravan Feminine Rising Event

Saturday, May 4th from 1:30 to 4:00 PM

Embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery with Jan Jorgensen and Claire Sierra’s Feminine Rising Event. For one radiant evening, dive into vibrational activations, Magdalene wisdom, and empowering sisterhood. Find your joy, claim your essence, and join the Sacred Circle—your heart and soul await this transformational experience. Learn all the details about this exiting event by clicking the link below.

Sound Bath & Reiki

Sundays from 6:30 to 7:45 PM

Join Lisa Swisher and her team of beautiful musicians for an hour of peaceful relaxation and healing. It’s a perfect self-care treat. Bring a mat to lay on and wear comfortable clothing. All are welcome. Cost is on a sliding scale – $15 to $25.

Men’s Group

Step into a space of warmth and wisdom with fellow seekers. Our gatherings are built on the cornerstone of MasterMind Principles, aimed at unlocking the Divine within and fostering personal and collective growth.

We welcome you to enriching conversations, where experiences are shared, reflections are deep, and aspirations soar. Whether it’s your first step on this journey or the next leap forward, your presence is valued.

🌟 When: upcoming Monday 6th, 6:00 PM

🌟 Why: To explore, support, and uplift through the power of collective consciousness.

Member Appreciation

I, Amandine LRH, would like to personally thank Eric who has made a beautiful performance this past Sunday at our beloved spiritual center after being away for a few weeks. It was wonderful to have his voice fill our sacred space once more. I extend this moment of appreciation to all the wonderful members of Solshine for showing up, week after week and bring us their best to the pleasure of our hearts and ears.

Making a Cash Donation at Sunday Service?

You may have noticed that we have these pink envelopes in the chair pockets in our sanctuary. These envelopes are for those of you who like to do cash donations and would like Unity to keep track of the amount you donate each year. If you are putting a check in the offering basket we will enter the name on the check into our records, so no need to use the pink envelope. If you don’t care about us keeping track of your donations, no need to use a pink envelope, just put your cash in the offering basket.

Looking for Connection? Join our Men’s and Women’s Groups

Women’s Group – This group does regular hikes, walks, coffee meet ups, discussion groups, and classes. To be in the know with what they have planned email Suzanne Landry **HERE** to get on the contact list. You do not have to be a Unity member to participate.

Men’s Group – As mentioned above, this group meets the 1st and 3rd Monday evening of every month at Unity to support each other in times of need, discuss various spiritual topics, and on occasion help with projects needed around Unity. If you’d like more info contact Dan Stephenson HERE.

Have Something You Think We Should Include in Our Newsletter?

An appreciation, blog content, poem, event, or class? If it fits our guidelines we’re happy to share it. Contact Clare Kubota .

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