Sunday Service: June 30th at 10:00 AM

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Invitation to Sunday’s talk, with Rev. Jim Pasmore

Discover the Sage Within

with Rev. Jim Pasmore

This Sunday we will be introducing the third power in the Unity 12 Powers Series, Wisdom. We will be looking at a clip from “The Empire Strikes Back” and looking at Luke’s hero’s journey and the mystical messages revealed from the wise sage Master Yoda.

So, get ready to meet not just Luke and the sage Yoda, but your inner sage as well. Everyone here and everyone everywhere has a wise elder, a sage within. There are no exceptions. Age is no barrier; circumstances are no barrier. Nothing can prevent your sage within from being a blessing and guide for you if you will just take time to ask and listen in the silence.

We are at a crossroads in our planetary evolution. As a species we are facing an existential crisis. We cannot depend on knowledge, technology or even wisdom alone to solve our crisis. We must birth an entirely new human species. We must become Homo Amor (amor = love). As we combine Homo Sapiens (sapiens = wise) and Homo Amor (love consciousness) we can declare: “I am wisdom, I am love, I am everyone, and everyone is me”.

This is the consciousness that will transform our planet into a world that works for all.

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Bring a favorite snack item to share with the community after service! We’ll provide the coffee and tea ☕️.

Childcare and activities are available for children 0 – 12 years 🌈.  

Sunday Morning Meditation – Every Sunday, 9:00 to 9:45 AM (Doors open at 8:50 AM and close at 9:05 AM)🧘🏽

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Member Appreciation

It is with great love and great sadness that we share our appreciation for the cutest, sweetest, most loyal, tail-wagging, four-legged member of our Unity family – our beloved Zeke. Zeke will be graduating from his current life on this planet to a place where he’ll be able to run full speed again, play with sticks, and eat as many treats as he wants. Please send your love to Eric and Menissa as they grieve the loss of Zeke who was always at their side. Zeke loved being Eric’s guide dog. When Eric tried to let him retire from being a work dog Zeke wouldn’t have it. We all have many memories of Zeke; his snores during service, greeting us all as we arrived, trying to get as many treats from Eric as possible. We will miss you terribly Zeke. Thank you for sharing your unconditional love with us and taking such good care of Eric for so many years. We bless you on your journey.

12 Powers for the Planet

This Weeks Planet Challenge – Strength 🌎

For kids and grown ups – there will be a raffle for those who participate.

We show strength by being rooted to our values and taking aligned action. In this video, you’ll see an example of plants that are strong in difficult conditions because of their roots. Watch here

Weekly Home Challenge: Make a list of your top values. Think of an action you can take to help the earth, based on one of those values. Show strength by sticking to that value and following through with your action plan. For example, maybe your value is beauty so you spend time weeding or planting flowers to make an area more beautiful. You have the strength to keep going even when you get tired or it feels hard.


Journey to Authentic Self – Exploring Psychedelics, Healing, and Awakening

Thursday, June 27th at 6:30 PM in person and on Zoom

Through a blend of teaching, open discussion, and interactive Q&A, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound insight. Our speakers will share personal experiences on the therapeutic and spiritual dimensions of psychedelics, and how they illuminate our inner landscape facilitating profound healing and growth. Dr. Howard Lipp and his wife Ena Vie have years of experience teaching a blend of a western approach to psychedelics with Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a full, compassionate engagement with our purpose. Cost is $10.

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Watch the invitation video

Earth Care Potluck & Activity Meet up

Friday, June 28th at 6:00 PM

Are you interested in meeting new friends, interested in doing more for our planet? We will break bread together with a potluck, do an experiential activity and learn something new to support caring for our amazing planet. Bring your favorite dish to share. All are welcome!

Prayer Flag Making Workshop

Saturday, June 29th at 10:00 AM

Create your own prayer flags for your home, office or RV. A sample we did is hanging over the doorway into the sanctuary at Unity. Instructor Liz Towill will return with her stencils, cloths, painting pencils and her sewing machine ready to assemble your own creation. Space is limited to sign up soon. Cost is $25.

Dance Your Prayers

Sunday, June 30th at 12:00 PM

We come together to authentically move to music that inspires creativity, wellbeing and the embodiment of our prayers. Let the music evoke our grounding and presence, tuning into the movement of your prayers, letting go of that which may be in the way of your desire, and opening to claiming and stepping into full embodiment of your affirmative prayers. This class is free but love offerings are appreciated.

Vegan Culinary Creativity

Sunday June 30th at 5:30 PM

Join Donna B! on this fun and purposeful plant-based, gluten free culinary journey! Donna will share knife skills, show several vegan dish recipes, and share the whys for plant-based living. Cost is $55.

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