Sunday Service: July 7th at 10:00 AM


with William Gregory

This Sunday William Gregory will reflect on the movie Casablanca and the theme of Love. Get ready to see what Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman have to teach us about the beautiful power of Love.

The Sunday Service Zoom Link has Changed

If you love to watch our Sunday Celebration services via Zoom using the Zoom app you’ll need to use a new link to watch. After using the link for the first time, you can continue to use the new saved link in the future.

Bring a favorite snack item to share with the community after service! We’ll provide the coffee and tea ☕️.

Childcare and activities are available for children 0 – 12 years 🌈.  

Sunday Morning Meditation – Every Sunday, 9:00 to 9:45 AM (Doors open at 8:50 AM and close at 9:05 AM)🧘🏽

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12 Powers for the Planet

This Weeks Planet Challenge – Wisdom 🌎

Win a prize while helping our planet

Much of the food from an average grocery store comes from commercial farming and large polluting factories that pack our food with toxic chemicals. Processed food is harmful to us and our environment. We can use WISDOM to make better choices including finding ways to depend less on processed and pre-packaged foods by cooking with fresh ingredients, eating more plants foods or buying food from a local source. These ACTIONS reduce our dependency on the corporate commercial food industry and improve our health.

This video was made by the Paul Shapiro, author of “Clean Meat”. Even if you do not believe in eating “fake” meats, the points he makes about how meat production contributes to climate change by not using land and water resources efficiently are well done.

YouTube player

Weekly Home Challenge: Make a whole food plant based meal for dinner one night for your family. You may want to visit a local farmers market and plan a meal around the fresh produce you can buy there.  There are many recipes online to help meal plan: Love and Lemons, Wicked Kitchen, Rainbow Plant Life, and Nora Cooks, are a few websites you may try. If you already eat a mostly whole foods plant based diet for your meals, you pass this challenge.


Sacred Women Drumming Circle

Saturday, July 6th 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Women will be honoring + celebrating ourselves, Mother Earth and Spirit with drumming, singing, + sharing lead by Katie. Bring your drum or rattle. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, Katie has some to share, but you don’t need to have an instrument to participate. Donations are appreciated 💕

Sunriver Stars Community Theater Presents Death of a Salesman

Showings from July 19th – 27th at Unity

We are proud to support our local theater groups by offering a beautiful space for them to present amazing shows. In July we’re hosting the Sunriver Stars Community Theater’s production of Death of a Salesman. We hope to see you there!

Sunday Sound Bath & Reiki is Back

Starting Sunday, July 14th from 6:00 to 7:15 PM

Join Lisa Swisher, Donna Benjamin, and other guest musicians on Sunday evenings for a beautiful, self-care experience. Wear comfy clothing, bring a mat, pillow, and blanket and soak in the sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls, flute, and chimes. All are welcome. Cost is on a sliding scale of $15 to $25.

Financial Report for the First Five Months of 2024

We want to share a picture of our Community’s financial energy and health with you.  We’re still putting together June results, so this is where we are at the end of May.  So far this year, we’ve raised a little over $ 100K, up 43% from last year during the same period.  $ 71,000 came from your contributions, up 15% from the same time last year — a great increase in green energy.  So far this year, Clare Kubota and her team have raised $19,000 in revenue from events including concerts and plays held in our sanctuary facility which is an ideal venue for jazz concerts, community theater, etc.  Our first auction was a great success raising almost $ 8,700.  For the year through May, we spent $ 90,000, leaving us $ 8,800 “in the black” compared to last year at the same time when we were more than $13,000 “in the red.”  As you can see in the expenditures pie chart, the main categories of spending are in Ministerial/Sunday Services at 26%, Rent at 24%, and Administration at 15%.  Note that most of the time and talent that makes our Unity work is donated by our many volunteers.  If all these contributions of our members’ time and talent were purchased, we’d probably double our costs and have to double our contributions of green energy too.  Please share your gratitude with our volunteers who do so much to keep us going and financially healthy too. (This report was put together by Eric Moyerman, our board treasurer. If you have questions feel free to contact him HERE)

Grab a Bottle Drop Bag at Unity to Support Unity

Just in case you didn’t know, Unity has a non-profit account. How it works –

  1. Pick up at blue Bottle Drop bag at Unity.
  2. Fill it with your refundable bottles and cans.
  3. Drop it off at the 2nd street Bottle Drop location in Bend.
  4. All those dimes will go into our Unity account. Easy peasy!

Member Appreciation

This week we appreciate Joanne Daley. You may not know Joanne’s face unless you watch our services online because Joanne lives in California, so is not able to come in-person on Sundays. Her name should seem familiar if you’ve put in a prayer request though since she is part of our prayer team. She one of the prayer team members who writes several prayers to personally respond and support those requesting a prayer each week. After she received the email from the board letting our community know about Rev. Kelly’s withdraw of his application to be our next minister she sent this beautiful prayer in response. We wanted to share it with you:

Mother-Father All There Is…the One Source for all Good that expresses thru each Spiritual Being involved in this important spiritually-guided set of next steps to bring about the highest and best evolution of this Divine Ministry…What comes to mind first is the importance of the highest level of consciousness during this holy process of discernment…that of ONENESS. I claim that each one who is a part of deciding ‘next steps’ expresses opinions with humility, grace,  patience and openness, respectfully listening to one another & coming from the God within when giving feedback toward the ideas expressed. I then claim that the decisions made are clearly guided by the God Force present in the room & all are in agreement and willing to do whatever tasks are needed for the highest & best outcome.I gratefully place this prayer claim on the God Altar, knowing it is already DONE in the Mind of God, so is considered DONE in our minds too. And So It Is!

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