Sunday Service: September 3rd at 10:00 AM

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Introduction to Sunday Service with Kevin Kubota

Hear Here. The Other Pandemic.

with Kevin Kubota

We have a love-hate relationship with technology. From computers, to smartphones, to Zoom, to AI, we’ve created more ways to connect with each other…and more ways to disconnect. The end of the world as we know it has already happened, what’s next?

There are Five Unity Principles, and Five Japanese Practices that have potential to keep us on track towards a beautiful future together. Kevin explores one of those key Practices: Ichi-go Ichi-e. One time, One encounter.

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Youth Programs

Little Ones – The nursery is open for little ones up to 4 years old.

Elementary aged kids – Crafts, games, and sharing 🌻

Teens – If you have a teen who would enjoy connecting with other teens in a safe space to have fun, be heard, and supported with compassion contact our teen group lead, Sarah Hood at 925-788-2504.

Image is of a child holding his hands laughing


Image is of the promotional poster for Ram Dass' "Fierce Grace"

Tonight is Movie Night & Discussion at Unity – Ram Dass Fierce Grace

Wednesday, August 30 from 6:30-8:30 PM

Ram Dass Fierce Grace is an engrossing, poignant meditation on spirituality, consciousness, healing and the unexpected grace of aging.”  In it he shares with humor and compassion some profound insights about loss and grieving, how he dealt with his own stroke, and how he helped others deal with devastating losses. This event is free and all are welcome!

Mystical Teachings of Jesus w/ Rev. Jane

Beginning Thursday September 7th at 5:00 PM – 5 week class on Zoom

Jesus was a mystic. His teachings were designed to lead us into a state of higher consciousness and the ability to create the life we dream. In this experiential class, you will learn his 12 mystical teachings and begin to incorporate them into your life. Additionally we will explore what we know about the historical Jesus, his teaching methods, and his relevance today. Cost – $75

Image is of the cover of the book, Jesus 2.1

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Jazz Concert with Lady Kiah & Friends

Friday, September 15th at 7:00 PM

You’re invited to an exciting evening of community and jazz music, featuring guest artist Lady Kiah from Kaua’i. The band will include Unity’s own Dave Finch and some of Bend’s local jazz artists. Lady Kiah brings a joyful and elevating sound through her trumpet, aiming to lift up hearts and deepen community. This evening will be one to remember! Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Kiah will also be our guest musician at the Sept. 10th Sunday service, so you can get a sample of her music then. Check our website and calendar for registration links coming soon!

Journey Into Your Purpose: Vocal Activation and Sound Bath Journey

Saturday, September 16th with Kiah at Unity

Our guest musician, Kiah, will also be leading this experience for 2 hours on Saturday (exact time TBD). This could provide such a wonderful opportunity for you to activate your voice (not just for singing, but for speaking and expressing their truth!), and to dive even deeper into your soul purpose- to see it AND to express it. See price and final details on our website calendar.

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Image is of a bunch of people around some building plans

Big Plans Being Made for the Property Surrounding Unity

Hear all about them on Sunday, September 10th

Hopefully you’re aware of all the plans for the area surrounding our Unity property, but in case your not, here is some general info –

• A new Costco will be going up to the South of us to replace the current Costco.

• Over 500 homes and apartments are in the approval process with the city to go in to the East of our property.

• Hundreds more homes may be coming to the South and West.

This could be very exciting for our Unity community with new families living in the area, sidewalks and bike paths being put in, and a nearby public park. We hope there is also opportunity for improvements to our property. Join us right after service to get an update on all these plans and other exciting news on Sept. 10th. We hope you can join us in person or on Zoom!


Image is of a group of people sitting on mats in a darkened room with crystal bowls at the front during a sound bath event

Sunday Sound Bath

Sunday at 6:30 PM at Unity

Led by Lisa Swisher and friends. At the beginning of class, you will be asked to quietly set intentions for what you would like to release and what you would like to allow into your life. Please wear comfy clothing, bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket (if needed), and a desire to be uplifted and transported through sacred sound! All are welcome, so invite your friends 😁🌈.

Please pay at the door: $15-$25 sliding scale

Women’s Activity Group

Every Wednesday – different location each week.

The Unity Women’s Group does various activities, including weekly walks every Wednesday morning. To get details for each weeks walks and other happenings email Suzanne Landry HERE.

Open Singing Night

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM at Unity

Join our SolShine music director, Dave Finch for some fun singing time. No experience necessary and all ages are welcome! You’re then welcome to join SolShine on stage Sunday if you’d like. Contact Dave for more info.

Men’s Group Cancelled Next Monday

1st & 3rd Mondays of each month at 6:00 PM at Unity

A spiritual discussion and service group of men who are seeking spiritual connection and greater consciousness. Our men’s group is very friendly and welcomes all. Next meeting is Sept. 18th (no meeting on Sept. 4th since it’s Labor Day).

image is a headshot of Genesis Ilada
Thank you, Genesis!

Member Appreciation

Genesis Ilada is a valued member of our organization. She serves on our board of directors and contributes greatly to the ambiance of our sanctuary through her decorations. Additionally, Genesis regularly takes charge of our youth program on Sundays. Originally from the Philippines and later residing in Los Angeles, she made the move to Bend a few years ago. Genesis is a multi-talented individual, excelling in various creative fields such as art, poetry, design, make-up artistry, and photography. She often captures beautiful moments of our Unity kiddos and other Unity events, generously sharing them with me for our newsletter. Genesis, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your dedication in preserving these cherished memories and allowing our community to enjoy them. Your contributions are truly valued.

Here are some fun pics of our kids she took last Sunday

Notes from the Parliament of World Religions Conference

A few members from our community recently attended this conference and it was very powerful. Over the next few weeks they’ll share their reflections and take aways with you.

From Rev. Jane –

The Parliament of World Religions was so big that I feel I can’t possibly share everything I experienced, let alone all that was available to experience. So here are a few snapshots from my experience. Overall, my greatest takeaway was that we created a powerful energetic vibration as we gathered for five days focused on loving acceptance, respect for diverse cultures and spiritual traditions, and justice for all. We were acting on that Unity fifth principle: put our beliefs into action. By attending, we were expressing the power of oneness over the illusion of separation.

I went to one presentation by a Muslim woman to learn about prayer in the Islamic tradition. I learned that prayer is the most important aspect, next to faith, in Islam. Five times a day they treasure their opportunity to be in the Court of God. This is their chance to experience God’s compassion and presence. Their prayers begin with purification, washing the hands and face three times for physical and spiritual cleansing. Forgiveness is part of this. They prostrate themselves on the ground to submit themselves to the higher power of the Divine. They empty themselves and then dialogue with God, asking for guidance and for greater sincerity, and glorifying God. They have 5 daily prayers. She spoke of how the rhythms of the different times of day encourage different awareness and allowing things to fade in and out of existence. I felt this woman’s sincerity and prayerfulness. I loved that, in a world where Muslims are often seen as the enemy, I could soak in spirituality that felt so true from a devout Muslim woman.

I also viewed a film, which I would highly recommend, called Stranger at the Gate. It’s the story of a white American marine who served several stints in Afghanistan after 911. He came home and decided that blowing up a mosque in his town would be a way he could contribute to eradicating the world of this enemy. But because he had a little girl, he realized he’d have to be able to prove to her that he’d done a good thing. So he went to the mosque to gather evidence. Instead of finding any, he found welcome. They embraced him and offered him food, invited him to their homes for meals. He found a community he had not found anywhere else and ultimately realized he needed to become a Muslim. It was a beautiful film.

I went to a presentation by three men of different races and sexual orientations, all identifying as witches. I attended two panels by Black leaders in Unity on racial issues and how the news foments hate and what we can do. I went to a session with Amma, a Hindu holy woman who transmitted powerful blessings to us and another session called “the Nun, the Witch, and the Psychologist” featuring three brave women who had stepped outside society’s expectations, following their Divine knowing and calling.

One of the powerful statements I heard at another panel was from Rev. Michael Beckwith. “You see what you describe,” he said. “We are reporters of the new paradigm—that which can’t be seen yet. We are walking in the vibration of what is becoming. Spiritual community sustains that.” May you, as the spiritual community that sustains me, experience this vibration. May those of us who were fortunate to attend POWR transmit the love and passion for good that was there.

Image is of the stage at the Opening Plenary full of people of various ethnicities, religions, countries, and full of colorful outfits

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Home Movie Night Recommendations

In the previous story Rev. Jane mentions the documentary movie she saw – Stranger at the Gate. It’s available to watch for free. It’s just 30 minutes. We hope you have a chance to watch it.

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