From Season of Spiritual Awareness series.

We tend to see ourselves as trapped in cages of our limiting beliefs and circumstances. We get frustrated because we can’t figure out how to get out of the cage. The trick is to see that the cage is an illusion! In this full live service, Rev. Jane Hiatt takes us on an exploration of these cages that we’ve unknowingly locked ourselves away in!

We’re also tickled to have not one but two special musical guests! First, Ananda creates beautiful music with Dave Finch on piano, and then Aaron English sings his breath stopping song, Wingless Bird.


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Presented by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Message by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Directed by Kevin Kubota
Celebrations by Clare Kubota
Prayer by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Music by Dave Finch and Ananda, Aaron English
ASL Sign Language Interpretation by Meda Thompson

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