This week, our special guest speaker is Arehn McCarty.

Spring brings an energy of aliveness and vibrancy, as well as the feeling of wonder, as buds open and tiny plants appear out of nowhere. Wonder asks a question, opening us up to hearing the Voice of the Divine more clearly. Ernest Holmes uses the term “enthusiastic expectation”, when we go to the Divine with openness and expect an answer.

About Arehn:

At a young age, Arehn discovered her life’s purpose was, “To inspire the love of God in people.” Ordained as a New Thought minister in the early 90’s, she helps people connect with their higher power to create richer, more fulfilling lives. Discovering she was an artist later in life and that her creativity was fueled by her connection with the Divine she now teaches others how they can manifest their dreams by being in that Creative Flow.

She is the mother of two grown sons, a lover of moss, ferns, and tall trees and lives in her dream home in an old growth forest at the base of Mt.Hood with her husband and dog.

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