“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi
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Sacred Service

Volunteering is a Sacred Service

Offering your time and talent by volunteering is a beautiful way to deepen your spiritual practice and embody the belief that Spirit is in everything and everyone.  Francis of Assisi stated, “For it is in giving we receive,” and we wholeheartedly agree.

Here are some of the opportunities for Sacred Service:

Hospitality–become a greeter!

Food–bring food; serve food

Clean-up–Clean Green Janitor Team

Youth and Family Ministry–Teach kids (with help) or care for our infants and toddlers.

Earth Care–help us leave a lighter footprint; grounds and garden

Healing Ministry–our healers offer service 2x/month

Music Ministry–sing! play! make a beautiful noise!

Technical Team–Sound system, lights, slides, video

Office & Administrative Assistance–all things clerical

Prayer Council–members who want to pray for others

Marketing–help us toot our horn! We don’t want to be a secret.

Spirit Group Hosts–Members who open their homes to a group

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