I’m Elaine Cornick. I’m initiating and stewarding this project because we know that GRATITUDE IS GENERATIVE.

Why this project:

I’m a member of a meditation group that did a similar Gratitude project recently. I experienced a potent energy that generated real blessings as part of a group, something larger than just myself.   

My intention here is to expand the power of our energy field to nourish each of us and our Unity Spiritual Community.

It’s an opportunity to expand your experience of the miracles that happen with “two or more gathered together”.

It’s also a chance to expand your experience as a generative, energetic “owner” of, and partner in, our Unity community.

It’s an invitation to share why you show up and what you receive from being in this Unity community.

How we’re doing it:

We’ll have two venues (at least to start with):

You’re welcome and encouraged to post short letters or notes, artwork, poetry, music—whatever forms feel like they express your gratitude.

You can post your own submissions on the physical bulletin board if you want to, or email them to me and I’ll print and post them. My email is .

As other gratitudes occur to you (because they probably will! 😊), you’re welcome to post more.

THIS WORKS IF YOU PLAY!  Please contact me with questions or comments, .

Our Meeting password is (case sensitive): UnityBend
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