From the Season of Evolving Consciousness series.

Virtually every major religion advises us to follow God’s will, or to seek a higher will. But what does that mean exactly? How do we know what God’s will is? What do we need to sacrifice to follow God’s will? Is it God’s will that there be violence and suffering in our world? Is it God’s will when a loved one passes? How does all of this jive with the notion that we also have free will? And what exactly is grace? How do we attract it and what does it do for us?

In this talk, our own Cylvia Hayes will discuss the powerful difference between willfulness and willingness and she’ll explore being willing as an action rather than a passive acceptance. She’ll share some views on grace as our natural state of being when we allow for it. 

As usual, you’ll also be treated to amazing music by SolShine with special guest Donna Benjamin, with Dave Finch playing a new Unity piano that sounds fantastic!


Presented by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Message by Cylvia Hayes
Directed by Nikko Kubota
Celebrations by Clare Kubota
Meditation by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Prayer by Rev. Jane Hiatt
Music by SolShine: Dave Finch, Eric Troupe & Victor Johnson
ASL Sign Language Interpretation by Meda Thompson


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