The Winter Solstice is a celebration of pause. It’s the time in the northern hemisphere when the light is in shortest supply and the darkness rules. Metaphysically, this is the time when activity is meant to slow down and rest and contemplation increase. It is a powerful time of dreaming our new worlds into form.

The breath can be a meditation to accentuate this solstice experience. As you release your breath on the exhalation, pause. Focus on the emptiness. Then the inhale becomes the gift that you receive. Pause when the breath is full and then deliberately release, emptying yourself of what has been. This spaciousness at the end of the exhale is where we can best perceive the potential of all that is, the expansiveness of the fabric of existence, “The Force”.

In this spaciousness, our cares diminish to their true proportions, a speck in a universe of possibilities. When this happens we know peace. We float and vibrate in that space. This is the potent “work” of Winter Solstice.

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