Youth & Family Ministry

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” — Friedrich Nietzsche
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Youth & Family Ministry

Offering a safe, loving, empowering environment in which children may learn, understand and celebrate Unity principles.

As a community, we are committed to serving youth and their parents.  We know that a child who grows up in a loving home and learns the Unity principles early in life, will be able to develop a positive attitude and inner resources to meet all that life presents and to unfold their inborn gifts, manifest their dreams and make a worthy contribution to the world.

Youth & Family Ministry

We are excited you are here and invite you to join us on Sundays!


This lovely play area is for our infants and kids up to age 4.  Just being able to play in the company of loving caregivers is something the little ones can’t get too much of.  They are right next door to the sanctuary in the Nursery room so parents can be easily alerted if they are needed.  Parents/guardians must sign-in children outside the Nursery room and can drop off children while they attend services  and retrieve their children after services have completed.

Elementary Youth

Our children begin to study Unity principles using stories and art, music and games, and discussions. Parents/guardians must sign-in children in the lobby before the start of services.  Children attend services with parents until the Children’s Blessing is completed.  Youth leaders collect children for classroom activities held in “The Nest” located behind the sanctuary building.  Children return to the sanctuary at the close of services and reunite with their families after the closing prayer.

Middle School (Uniteens)

These young teens meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month in the foyer to explore Unity principles in greater depth. Movies, discussions, games, and meditation are some of the ways we approach learning. This group may also engage in service projects and field trips. 

Parents/guardians will need to complete a one-time registration form for each youth attending one of our Youth Ministry programs.

Y.O.U. (Youth Of Unity)

Our teens (grades 9-12+) are stepping into leadership and design their own curriculum with input from an adult mentor.  Besides discussions and study, they have bonding activities and the chance to be in service.  We encourage them to attend one of the regional teen camps.  (They meet in the office outside the sanctuary).

Special Events

Occasionally we offer activities aimed at family participation.  For instance we offered a Christmas Eve service for families: Is Santa Real?  We explored Santa as the power of love and giving.  Our children read poems, acted in a play and heartily joined in Christmas songs and afterwards shared cookies with Santa.

Youth & Family Ministry

Spiritual Storytime

The Beauty of Unity Kids Camp

The Beauty of Unity Kids Camp

Dear friends,Back in October, I shared with the board how meaningful attending Kids Camp had been to me as a kid and that it was a catalyst of good in my life. We wanted to help share that story with you, the ministers, LUTs, board members, lay leaders, youth ministry...

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How Do you See the World? (video)

From the Spiritual Storytime Series. How Do you See the World by Banni Bunting with illustrations by Teafly Peterson In this video, our friend Heather and her 5 month old puppy Benny read a beautiful book about mindful choices. View book on Amazon:...

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The Power of Henry’s Imagination (video)

From the Spiritual Storytime Series. In this video, our friend (and Unity Board President!) Clare reads a book about how imagination and a little wisdom from Grampa can save the day! How Do you See the World by Skye Byrne and Nic George View book on Amazon:...

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One Day on our Blue Planet (video)

From the Spiritual Storytime Series. One Day On Our Blue Planet... In the Rain Forest by Ella Bailey In this video, our friend Shalom reads a book about the importance of connectedness in our world and our lives. View book on Amazon:...

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Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog (video)

From the Spiritual Storytime Series. In this video, our friends Clare and Leo reads a hauntingly beautiful true story of a loving and faithful dog, now famous in Japan. Spoiler alert: he dies in the end, so if you have sensitive little ones, please take that into...

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Youth & Family Ministry

Parenting Support Group

This group is a chance for parents to share ideas and experiences with other parents while the kids are with a babysitter in the next room.  Meets 2nd Thursday of each month at One World Center from 5:30 – 7:00 PM.

Youth & Family Ministry

What Parents are Saying

“I love what our philosophy does for our children.  I have had to work so hard as an adult to be conscious of my actions and to release all negative feelings about myself.

I have two grown boys 10 years apart in age. My younger son grew up in this philosophy while my older son did not. The differences in them is amazingly obvious . My younger son learnt early on to feel good about himself and be positive about life.

In our center, in Bend one of my favorite parts of the service is the end. The children read the final positive statements and the adults repeat it after them. It gives the children such power and it makes them feel important. Even if they are to young to read the teacher will tell them what the line is. You can see the pride in their faces. I truly love this.

Bring your children here and see the wonderful changes in their sense of who they are.”

Lynne Zuckerman

“Ben and Izzy love the sense of community and they are gaining skills on how to cope as well as how to grow.

Our kids have more challenges than we did growing up with split families, information overload and global access to the grief our world encounters.  Unity provides them the tools and the wisdom to look within for the answers and to believe in themselves.

What it means to me is that I am growing the spirit of love and peace in my children, instead of a desire for the material and a sense of entitlement.  My children experience a love that is so needed in today’s day and age, that of a community that is beyond family and a true example of the extension of love through the power of faith.”

Jenn Limoges

“Dillon really loves having the opportunity to talk on the microphone at the end of the service.  Megan loves sitting on my or Brian’s lap and cuddling with us.  She likes that she is free to choose whether she wants to stay with us or go with the other kids.

They have brought home fun projects.  When goodie bags were made for homeless people, the kids enjoyed handing them out to individuals standing on the corner, holding a sign.”

Sheryl Mobley

“What I have noticed most in Giselle since she has been coming to Unity, is she understands about sharing and helping one another, not just her family at home, but helping everyone in the world and that we are all family.

Giselle comes from a family that never had much and sometimes were on the receiving end of help so they never formed the habit of giving.  This is changing for Giselle because of Unity. I have seen many times where she is so thrilled to be able to give and help.  Two Christmas’s ago, her and I took a name of a child off of a Xmas tree to buy gifts for. She understood why and what we were doing and this understanding came from Unity.

For me, being able to have Giselle exposed to Unity is the most valuable gift I could ever give her.  I wish I had known Unity when my boys were growing up. What a difference it could of made in their lives.  A place to learn sharing, kindness, respect, love, laughter—Oh I could keep going on and on.”

Marilyn Holler

“Sara says she likes the energy and how positive and nice people are, and that they want to give that energy to everyone else.  I’ve noticed that she feels part of a community and likes to speak up.

I like that she’s learning Unity’s spiritual concepts with other children, as I’m learning and experiencing with the adults.” 

Kathryn Eng

“Avalin’s favorite part of church is seeing all of her good friends that she has made by going to Unity.  She loves food time, too where she gets to sit down and eat yummy food with our Unity Community.

I love that her teacher is so passionate about our children and teaching them beautiful lessons to grow young spiritual beings.”

Anna Thedford

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